Babes Wodumo exposes Kabza De Small for wanting to steal Mampintsha’s songs which he produced before dying.See what happened here👉🏾

Babes Wodumo’s Mission to Preserve Mampintsha’s Legacy

In a heartfelt plea to the music community, South African musician Babes Wodumo is determined to keep the legacy of her late husband, Mampintsha, alive. Since his untimely death in December 2022, she has been vocal about the importance of releasing his unreleased music to honor his memory and sustain his artistic influence.

Unreleased Tracks and Collaborations

Babes Wodumo has revealed that Mampintsha, a beloved figure in the South African music scene, had worked with various artists before his passing. One notable collaborator was Kabza De Small, a prominent name in the Amapiano genre. Babes emphasized the significance of these unreleased tracks, stating, “That was more than two years ago, but he is still holding onto the music, haw kahle!”

She is insistent that the music sees the light of day, whether it is released by the artists who worked with Mampintsha or handed over to her to release under his label. “I don’t want the legacy of my husband to die just because people are holding onto his music,” she passionately explained.

A Plea for Legacy and Family

Babes Wodumo’s motivation extends beyond preserving Mampintsha’s artistic contributions. She highlighted the personal impact on their family, especially their child, who stands to benefit from the continued success of Mampintsha’s music. “He spent a lot of time in the studio, and there are people for whom he did vocals on their songs but have not released them. I’m asking for umculo wendoda yami (my man’s music). His child needs it,” she said, underscoring the familial and financial importance of these unreleased works.

Kabza De Small Responds

In response to Babes Wodumo’s plea, Kabza De Small confirmed the existence of the song he worked on with Mampintsha. He explained the delay in releasing the track, noting the strategic timing involved in the music industry. “I have hundreds of songs that have not even been released, and you wait for the right time. It’s the same with Mampintsha. We made a song together, but it wasn’t the right time,” Kabza stated.

However, Kabza assured that he has communicated with Babes Wodumo and that the music will indeed be released. “I have spoken to Babes; the music will be released,” he confirmed, providing some relief and hope to Mampintsha’s fans and family.

The Path Forward

Babes Wodumo’s dedication to preserving Mampintsha’s legacy is a testament to her love and respect for her late husband. By calling on artists who collaborated with him to release their unreleased tracks, she aims to ensure that his contributions to the South African music industry are remembered and celebrated.

This initiative not only honors Mampintsha’s memory but also serves as a potential source of ongoing support for their child, securing the future for his family. As fans eagerly await the release of these hidden gems, Babes Wodumo’s efforts highlight the enduring impact of Mampintsha’s music and the importance of legacy in the arts.

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