‘Arrest Grootman’ Mzanzi cries after Gcinile sx tape leaked today. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Social Media Erupts Over Grootman Allegedly Leaking Ex-Girlfriend Gcinile Twala’s Sx Tape

The scandal involving Themba Selahle, widely known as Grootman, has intensified as social media users call for his arrest following the alleged leak of a sx tape featuring his ex-girlfriend, Gcinile Twala.

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Outrage on Social Media

Users are accusing Grootman of leaking the explicit video, expressing outrage and demanding justice for Gcinile. The online sentiment is overwhelmingly against Grootman, with many highlighting his alleged history of toxic behavior and abusive tendencies.

One user tweeted:

“Themba Selahle, renowned as Grootman, is now doing too much—from cheating on her numerous times to threatening to kill her when she chose herself to now creating fake accounts and posting her sex tape. All for what? Let her be, man. You’ve done a lot to hurt her. She should get you arrested now.”

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, we will not share the video on our platform and encourage anyone in possession of the explicit material to stop spreading it around.

A Storied and Toxic Affair

Grootman and Gcinile Twala’s relationship has been far from smooth. The self-proclaimed forex trader and his influencer ex-girlfriend have had a highly publicized and turbulent affair. Their relationship, often flaunted on social media, included luxury vacations, expensive cars, and designer brands but was marred by constant drama, including allegations of infidelity and death threats.

The couple’s split was equally dramatic. Gcinile was reportedly told to pack up and leave, returning all the lavish gifts, including a diamond-encrusted engagement ring. Grootman allegedly demanded that she return every gift he had given her during their relationship. This public fallout captivated young South Africans, who were both shocked and entertained by the extravagant and toxic dynamics of the couple.

Who is Grootman?

Themba Selahle, known on social media as Grootman, has built a reputation as a flashy forex trader and Instagram influencer. Despite his claims of financial success, he has faced numerous allegations of being a scammer.

In July 2022, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) issued a warning against doing business with him, stating that he was not registered with the financial services regulator. The FSCA cautioned that Grootman promised high and unreasonable returns to clients and often ignored them when they attempted to withdraw their funds or profits.

Grootman’s influence extends beyond forex trading. He has a substantial following on social media, where he showcases a life of luxury. His relationship with Gcinile Twala, a social media influencer and make-up artist with her own business, Glammed By Gciniletee, was often in the public eye. The couple’s lavish lifestyle, combined with their frequent public disputes, made them a topic of interest for many South Africans.



The recent allegations and the leaked sx tape have only added to Grootman’s notorious reputation. As the scandal continues to unfold, the public’s call for accountability and justice for Gcinile Twala grows louder. The situation underscores the darker side of social media fame and the serious consequences of online harassment and revenge porn.

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