WATCH: Skomota Celebrates with Bae

WATCH: Skomota Celebrates with Bae

Viral sensation Skomota joined a host of celebrities and fans to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Over the years, Valentine’s Day has fast become a global trend, and celebrities often pull out all the stops to make it picture-perfect.

Skomota enjoyed a low-budget picnic with an unknown woman, captivating his followers and fans. The two were seen sharing intimate moments, including a kiss in a club, leading to speculation about the woman’s identity and her relationship with Skomota.

Skomota Spends Valentine’s Day with Bae, Mzansi Impressed

In a video that has been making the rounds on the internet, Skomota and the woman are seen enjoying champagne and chocolates. The viral video, which dropped on X (formerly Twitter), shows Skomota with a big smile, enjoying his time with the woman.

However, little is known about the woman who was with Skomota. The internet is buzzing with curiosity, and many are questioning whether she is indeed Skomota’s girlfriend.

In 2023, Skomota won R3 million from Betway and reportedly fell in love with the cashier who helped him cash out his winnings. Since his rise to fame, he has kept his private life under wraps, leading to much speculation about his personal life, including his name and age.

Reactions from the Viral Videos

The video has garnered thousands of comments and reactions since it surfaced. Some X users believe the video is just content creation, while others are convinced it’s a genuine Valentine’s Day celebration. Some criticized the unknown woman, accusing her of trying to ride on Skomota’s newfound fame.

Here are some of the reactions:

  • “Slay queens will be the end of Skomota,” said an X user.
  • Another user added, “Skomi is enjoying life sham.”

New Video Surfaces

Adding to the buzz, a new video has surfaced online showing Skomota chatting with his girlfriend, who is a white lady. Fans are over the moon celebrating this love for him, expressing their happiness for the viral sensation. The video has further solidified his place in the hearts of many, as people are thrilled to see Skomota in a loving relationship.

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