House Music Sensation Bucie Dumped by Husband

House Music Sensation Bucie Dumped by Husband

In a shocking turn of events, house music sensation Busisiwe Qwiliso, better known as Bucie, has been dumped by her husband, Lucky Nhlanhla Nkomo. The singer, renowned for her 2009 hit “Superman,” produced by the internationally acclaimed DJ Black Coffee, has been left heartbroken as her “Superman” has walked away from their marriage.

The Breakup

Sources close to the couple reveal that Nkomo ended the relationship because he feels that Bucie no longer turns him on. This decision has stunned fans of the singer, who is adored for her soulful voice and captivating stage presence.

Allegations and Strains

Nkomo reportedly cited that Bucie’s habit of listening to her friends over him as a significant strain on their relationship. The influence of her friends allegedly contributed to a growing rift between the couple, ultimately leading to their breakup.

Bucie’s Rise to Fame

Bucie shot to fame with her hit song “Superman,” a collaboration with DJ Black Coffee that remains a favorite among house music enthusiasts. Her powerful vocals and emotive performances have earned her a special place in the hearts of many fans.

Public Reaction

The news of Bucie’s breakup has sparked a wave of reactions on social media. Fans and fellow artists have expressed their support for Bucie, offering words of encouragement during this challenging time. Many have also expressed disappointment in Nkomo’s decision, standing by the singer and her talent.

Moving Forward

As Bucie navigates this personal setback, her fans remain hopeful that she will continue to shine in her music career. The singer’s resilience and passion for her craft have always been her driving force, and supporters believe she will overcome this hurdle.


The breakup between Bucie and Lucky Nhlanhla Nkomo has brought to light the challenges that even beloved celebrities face in their personal lives. As Bucie deals with the end of her marriage, the music community and her fans stand in solidarity, cheering her on for future successes.

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