‘Scandal!’s Stephanie Ndlovu Admits She’s Considered Leaving Hungani

‘Scandal!’s Stephanie Ndlovu Admits She’s Considered Leaving Hungani

Former Scandal! actors Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu have opened up about the ups and downs of their marriage on their YouTube channel, The Ndlovus Uncut.

Opening Up About Marriage

The couple, known for their roles in etv’s Scandal!, have been candid about their marital challenges and triumphs on their channel. Stephanie Ndlovu, an actress and producer, has admitted that marriage has been tougher than she anticipated. She revealed that there have been moments when she considered leaving her husband after just three years of marriage.

“I had an expectation that there was a certain understanding about who I am as a person,” Stephanie said. “Even as we get to know more of who we are because you’re married and live together, you really get to know the person for who they are, and I was like we’ll love each other through it.”

She confessed that she has often asked herself if it was worth it and sometimes wondered if they’d be happier apart, as she felt exhausted by the relationship.

Hungani Ndlovu’s Perspective

Hungani Ndlovu, a dancer and choreographer, also shared his perspective on their marriage. He mentioned that he modeled his ideal marriage on his parents’ relationship, which was devoid of arguments—a stark contrast to Stephanie’s background. This difference has posed challenges as they navigate their life together.

“I come with my own traumas, situations, and insecurities, ego, pride, and you have your own too,” Hungani explained. He emphasized that he has learned to be selfless and put Stephanie first in almost everything he does.

Growth and Recognition

Despite their marital struggles, the Ndlovus continue to grow personally and professionally. Recently, YouTube selected their channel, The Ndlovus Uncut, as part of the #YouTubeBlackVoices Fund Creators Class Of 2022. This recognition means their channel is set to grow and improve even further, offering more insightful and engaging content.


Marriage is not always easy, and the Ndlovus have shown that even celebrities face significant challenges in their relationships. By sharing their journey, Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu provide a real and relatable perspective on the complexities of married life, proving that love, understanding, and continuous effort are essential to making it work.

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