PICS: Emotional Shebeshxt attends daughter’s funeral in wheelchair!

RECOVERING controversial Limpopo rapper Shebeshxt was wheelchaired to his daughter’s funeral on Saturday, 22 June. 

While the venue was heavily guarded by security personnel, the artist, surrounded by health workers and guards, entered the tent at Lebowakgomo Zone A with a tearful face. 

The sobbing rapper, who remained seated in his wheelchair, had his oxygen tank plugged in while a drip wire was covering his nose and his drip placed on his lap. 


The venue was heavily guarded by security personnel. Photo by Nhlanhla Khomola

His entrance to the tent while the funeral service was going on changed the whole mood of the mourners, who began sobbing in compassion due to how the artist looked.  

His state of appearance looked very alarming and was sad to watch. 

The artist’s vitals were checked while the funeral service was ongoing, and his foot appeared to be bandaged. 

The artist was given a private moment to view the remains of his beloved daughter, Onthatile Chuene, for the last time. 

A white cloth was used to shield the mourners from seeing the remains and his reaction while Shebeshxt viewed the body. 

He was also heavily guarded during the procedure. 


Mourners sobbed as Shebeshxt entered his daughter’s funeral. Photo by Nhlanhla Khomola

Offering words of encouragement, the Provincial Chairman of the EFF, Lawrance Mapoulo, said that Shebeshxt surrounded himself with the wrong crowd. 

“From here henceforth, you must never go alone, never drive a car while you alone. When you leave here, you must surround yourself with real men and women. You know who they are. They are there next to you. You must make sure that you save us from the traumatic experience we found ourselves in,” he added. 

Mapoulo emphasised that to save people from the traumatic experience, Shebeshxt must change how he lives. 

“We are shocked and never intended to see something like this. To the parents of Onthatile, bad things have happened in the past, but we understand there was a man who once lost everything he had, including his children, but he had something strong, faith to believe that in all that happens, God knows,” he said. 

Mapoulo wished the artist a speedy recovery and said that one thing he likes about Shebeshxt is that he knows how to pray. 

“God is preparing you for a good destiny,” he said. 


Dancer and musician Mixon Tholo, popularly known as Tsekeleke during the funeral service. Photo by Nhlanhla Khomola.

Different speakers described Onthatile as a very humble child, full of joy, forever bubbly, and always giggling. 

They said she was a singer and would sing along with her father while taking videos. 

Speaking on behalf of Onthatile’s school, Northern Academy, Margaret Lekganyan said that she got to know Shebeshxt’s character, which most people were not aware of until now. 

“When we were helping him enrol his daughter, he said he wants the best for his child. The father figure in him is the character we never knew he had,” she said. 


Shebeshxt’s daughter Onthatile Chuene was laid to rest on Saturday, 22 June, at Lebowakgomo cemetery, Zone F. Photo by Nhlanhla Khomola.

Margaret added that Onthatile was a celebrity in the school.  

“She acted normal like any other child. She was well disciplined, full of life and joy,” she added. 

The family said that they are traumatised by this painful experience and will take time to heal and come to terms with Onthatile’s passing. 

Onthatile lost her life after the VW Polo she was travelling on overturned after it collided with a heavy motor vehicle. 

The accident left Shebeshxt and his baby mama injured, while he also spent days in ICU. 


Shebeshxt’s daughter Onthatile Chuene was laid to rest on Saturday, 22 June, at Lebowakgomo cemetery, Zone F. Photo by Nhlanhla Khomola.

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