A MAN shocked his neighbors in Zimbabwe after he sIiced his stomach with a knife & removed his intestines. WATCH VIDEO HERE

A MAN stunned his colleagues and neighbours in Chegutu after he sliced his stomach with a knife claiming he was feeling something moving inside.

The man, popularly known as Marabha, sliced his stomach leaving his intestines protruding.

Reports last night said Marabha died in hospital.

Witnesses, who sought to intervene and stop him, were all threatened by his violent conduct.

He kept shouting that he didn’t want to be disturbed as he was “removing something” from his stomach.

The incident occurred around 11am at a shopping centre in Chegutu.

Marabha was later overpowered and handcuffed before being ferried to hospital.

A witness, who recorded the scary incident, said:

“Anyone who was trying to get hold of him was threatened with the knife.

“He was very violent to such an extent that no one could get close to him. So, someone came from behind and held his hands before he was handcuffed.”


Another witness said he was later ferried to Western Centre Clinic where he was put on a drip.

“It looks like he was high on drugs but anga achiti pane chinhu chiri mudumbu make.

Matumbu ese aya abuda panze but by the time he was taken to the hospital he was still alive.

“He was very popular since he was into mushikashika, he was a dealer.”

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