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Mlindo The Vocalist. Picture: Instagram

Mlindo The Vocalist. Picture: Instagram

Mlindo The Vocalist has apologised for videos that surfaced on social media in which he appears to be intoxicated.

The musician hit the top of the trends list this week when videos of him appearing intoxicated surfaced on social media following a performance in Pretoria.

In the two videos posted on Twitter, Mlindo can be seen struggling to walk or stand up straight.

He is then helped by two men off stage, while fans stand and scream around him.

In the second video, Mlindo is seen sitting on the stage with his head swaying from side to side while people try to pick him up.

According to the Twitter user who posted the video, Mlindo did not perform. “This is Mlindo The Vocalist. He was supposed to perform last night at Short Left Soshanguve but alcohol got the best of him”, read the tweet.

But he did do his set pic.twitter.com/0fdK6Q6rse— IG: obakenism (@obacanism) December 1, 2020

However, when contacted by IOL Entertainment, the manager of Macnose Cafe, who did not want to reveal his name, confirmed that Mlindo did in fact perform and that the videos were taken after his performance.

Mlindo took to social media to apologise for what happened over the weekend but said he would not go into detail about the matter.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to my supporters and everyone for everything that took place this past weekend, I will not get into details but I take full responsibility for my actions and I will not blame it on anyone but myself.

“I will be better and act better next time”, tweeted the “Macala” hitmaker.

While many social media users all gave their opinions on the videos and what could have possibly happened, socialite and businessman Linda Moeketsi who owns a public relations firm, said he would fire the entire team.

“I would fire the entire team. From Road Manager to Bookings manager. No ways. When you see your artist is not okay, you get them out of there immediately”, he tweeted.

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