Zimbabwean Woman Attempts Suicide By Drinking Poison Live On Facebook WATCH VIDEO

A Cry for Help

Eliza Chihota, a woman from Zimbabwe, recently shocked viewers worldwide by broadcasting a distressing 7-minute live video on Facebook. In this video, she appeared to mix a substance, which looked like poison, into her drink, seemingly with the intent to end her own life.

According to comments on Facebook, Eliza’s attempt on her life failed, and she is receiving the medical assistance she needs. No official statement has been made by her family or her official page as of yet. This tragic event has brought to light the severe struggles associated with depression and the critical importance of mental health support.

The Impact of the Video

The heartbreaking footage left many viewers feeling overwhelmed with sorrow and a sense of helplessness. Eliza’s courageous yet tragic decision has sparked a vital conversation regarding the urgent need for greater mental health awareness and resources. Depression is a pervasive condition affecting millions around the globe, necessitating a deeper understanding and more robust support systems.

A Stark Reminder of the Reality of Depression

Eliza’s public cry for help underscores the reality that mental health issues are both real and urgent. Many Zimbabweans have been raising awareness of depression ever since the video went viral. The reasons behind Eliza’s suicide attempt are not yet known. As a rising socialite with a decent social media following, her actions have highlighted the critical need for mental health support and awareness in Zimbabwe and beyond.


A Pattern of Tragedy

This incident is not an isolated one. In March, another Zimbabwean man, Kelvin Mhofu Ngoshi, also committed suicide by adding poison to his Coke and drinking it live on Facebook. His reasons were reportedly linked to his girlfriend cheating on him and reporting his business’s shady dealings to the police in South Africa.

The Urgent Need for Mental Health Support

Both Eliza and Kelvin’s stories serve as stark reminders of the urgent need for mental health awareness and support. Depression and other mental health issues can lead to tragic outcomes if not addressed promptly and effectively. It is crucial for communities, authorities, and healthcare systems to work together to provide the necessary resources and support to those in need.


Eliza Chihota’s distressing live video has brought global attention to the critical importance of mental health support. As the conversation around mental health continues to grow, it is essential to ensure that those struggling with depression and other mental health issues have access to the help they need.

By raising awareness and providing support, we can hope to prevent such tragedies in the future and promote a healthier, more understanding society.

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