‘I Have Attempted Suicide 200 Times’: Rapper J Molley Opens Up About His Struggles

‘I Have Attempted Suicide 200 Times’: Rapper J Molley Opens Up About His Struggles

Rapper and reality TV star J Molley has responded to claims that his recent suicide attempt was a bid for attention, shedding light on his ongoing battle with mental health issues.

A Deeply Personal Struggle

J Molley, whose real name is Jesse Mollett, recently addressed his followers on social media, countering accusations that he attempted suicide for clout. This comes after the Love & Hip Hop SA star made a public statement about embarking on a spiritual journey following a suicide attempt.

Last month, J Molley posted distressing messages on his X account and went live on Instagram, displaying various medications, a knife, a bottle of brandy, and several soft drinks. The incident drew criticism from DJ and podcaster MacG, who insensitively suggested that J Molley should have followed through with his attempt.

Rebuke of Clout-Chasing Claims

In response to the backlash, J Molley firmly denied that his suicide attempt was a PR stunt. “It’s utterly vile and ignorant to accuse me of doing such a thing like that for a PR stunt, to get more likes. I have attempted suicide 200 times. I have been on the brink and I have been [nearly successful] about 14 times. Did I publicize that? No. This is the first incident where I publicized it,” J Molley said.

He emphasized that his actions were not for attention, adding, “I don’t [attempt to] kill myself for attention. I have never written a suicide letter in my life. When I [attempt to] commit suicide, I do it because I want to die, so please stop with the false allegations.”

Mental Health Awareness

J Molley has been open about his mental health struggles in the past, particularly his battle with borderline personality disorder (BPD). He explained how the disorder affects him: “We go from being extremely depressed to being extremely happy within minutes, hours.”

He urged people not to mock his pain, stating, “Do not mock a pain you haven’t endured. Praise God that I am still here. I’m clearly here for a reason. I would have been dead long ago. So, I’m on a new journey with Christ to find out what that is.”

Seeking Help and Support

J Molley’s candid revelation underscores the importance of mental health awareness and the need for compassionate support systems. His journey highlights the severe impact of mental health disorders and the critical need for understanding and assistance.

For those struggling with suicidal thoughts or concerned about a loved one, there are resources available for help and emotional support.


J Molley’s heartfelt message is a powerful reminder of the complexities of mental health struggles and the importance of empathy. As he continues his journey towards healing, his openness serves to raise awareness and provide hope to others facing similar battles.

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