Dark Side of Dr Nandipha. How she dumped her kids to be with fugitive Thabo Bester. See what she did

The Dark Side of Dr. Nandipha: How She Abandoned Her Children for Fugitive Thabo Bester

Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, a once-celebrated celebrity doctor and socialite, has come under intense scrutiny for her involvement with convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester. The scandal has not only tainted her public image but also had devastating effects on her children, whom she reportedly abandoned to be with Bester.

A Dangerous Liaison

Dr. Nandipha is alleged to be the partner and accomplice of Thabo Bester. In May 2022, she reportedly orchestrated his escape from Mangaung Maximum Security Prison by swapping his body with a corpse delivered by a private vehicle.

The couple fled their rented mansion in Hyde Park, Sandton, after being exposed by GroundUp. Dr. Nandipha even drove a luxury Mercedes Benz across the Zimbabwean border, fueling speculation that they were planning to leave the country.

The Impact on Her Children

Dr. Nandipha has two children from a previous marriage. During her frantic escape with Bester, she left her children behind. They are now in the custody of her ex-husband. This abandonment has deeply affected her children, especially since Dr. Nandipha had always been a devoted mother.

One poignant example of this impact was her daughter’s 11th birthday, which Dr. Nandipha missed for the first time. A source close to the family described the day as awkward and heartbreaking. The absence of their mother, who is now in hiding, cast a shadow over what should have been a joyous occasion.

“We have always celebrated her daughter’s birthdays whether we were at the restaurant or at her home. This time it felt awkward. We still don’t understand why she would mess up the beautiful life she had. Everyone is hurt by her life choices, from her parents to her ex-hubby,” the source revealed.

A Father’s Role

The children’s father has taken over their care, trying to shield them from the fallout of their mother’s actions. He has been described as a good man, and many believe that Dr. Nandipha’s life would have been stable had she stayed with him.

On the day of the escape, Dr. Nandipha dropped her children at school but never returned to pick them up. Initially, the children were told she was on a business trip. However, the truth soon surfaced, and the children faced mockery from their peers. As a result, they have not been to school since the incident, waiting for the public attention to subside.

The Fallout

Dr. Nandipha’s decisions have left her family and friends bewildered and hurt. Her parents and ex-husband, in particular, are struggling to understand why she jeopardized her life and her children’s well-being for Thabo Bester.

The once-respected doctor’s fall from grace is a stark reminder of how personal choices can have far-reaching consequences, particularly for those who are innocent bystanders. Her children, caught in the middle of this drama, are paying the highest price for their mother’s actions.

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