Is Connie Ferguson’s Lookalike Daughter Taking Over TV? Meet the Young Star Everyone’s Talking About!

Zekhethelo Zondi: One of South Africa’s Brightest Young Stars

Zekhethelo Zondi, at just 13 years old, is already making a significant mark in the South African television industry. Despite her young age, she has appeared in three celebrated productions, demonstrating a bright future ahead in the entertainment world.

From a young age, Zekhethelo has shown immense potential and passion for acting, much like other South African talents such as Leleti Khumalo and Nasty C. These young stars often rise to prominence because they are given opportunities to nurture and polish their talents early on. Zekhethelo’s journey is a testament to this nurturing environment.

Zekhethelo has graced the screen in productions such as Isifiso, Collision, and Shadow. Currently, she portrays the character Nqobile on e.TV’s long-running soap opera, Scandal!.

In Scandal!, Zekhethelo plays Nqobile Mdletshe, a 12-year-old orphan raised by her older sister, a former sex worker, and a brother who has served time in juvenile prison. Despite her challenging background, Nqobile dreams big, aspiring to be a pilot. She excels in math and science, showcasing her determination and intelligence. “She is very sweet and innocent until you speak ill of her brother or sister. All hell breaks loose,” Zekhethelo explains.

Reflecting on her role in Scandal!, Zekhethelo expressed gratitude for being part of such a popular and successful show. “It is a blessing, many actors wish to be part of such a popular and successful show. However, the Almighty gave me an opportunity and privilege to work with a great and talented team,” she said.

Zekhethelo’s passion for acting has been evident from a very young age. “I have always been an actress from a young age, judging from the videos my mom has of me singing and impersonating characters that I saw on TV. My mom nurtured my talent by taking us to theater to watch live shows and sometimes took me and my brother to set with her as she is also a freelance actress,” she shared.

At six, Zekhethelo’s mother registered her at the Mehlareng Professional Actors and Performers Agency, where she has been honing her skills for seven years. This early exposure to the industry has clearly paid off, as Zekhethelo speaks with the poise and wisdom of someone much older.

“Being on set is bittersweet, like any other working environment, but I’m certainly enjoying myself and learning a lot from other actors. On my first day, I was very nervous, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe, but luckily my mom was there every step of the way, and it really helped a lot,” she explained calmly.

Zekhethelo’s favorite character on Scandal! is Jojo Kubheka, portrayed by veteran actor Melusi Mbele. “He is friendly, very respectful to everyone at work, and I love and enjoy doing scenes with him because he is very funny and young at heart,” she said.

Zekhethelo looks up to a long list of powerhouse women, including Zendaya, Nomzamo Mbatha, Ntando Ncube, Thuso Mbedu, and Connie Ferguson. This admiration for Connie Ferguson has led some fans to speculate that Zekhethelo might be her daughter due to their similar facial features. However, thorough research has confirmed that while they bear a striking resemblance, Zekhethelo is not Connie Ferguson’s child. They are, in fact, close relatives.

“I aspire to be like them one day in terms of being young, black, and successful in all spheres. I also love how they embody their characters when performing. They deliver, and I believe them in each scene,” she said.

Despite the advantages of being a child actor, Zekhethelo is mindful of the potential pitfalls. “Being a kid actor comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages, specifically on set. You come across adults who come from different backgrounds and walks of life with energies that are good and sometimes very bad.

I constantly have to remind myself that I auditioned and got the role not by mistake and that my dream is valid. And the assumption that when someone appears on TV they are wealthy can be very challenging too. The support I get from my family and friends is immense. My faith in God keeps me sane,” she shared.

Zekhethelo’s favorite role so far has been Nozi Gambu on Isifiso season one and two. As she looks to the future, she hopes to continue building on her early success. “I’m hoping to perfect my craft and be able to perform on big Hollywood stages. With God’s help, I can be the next Nomzamo Mbatha. But I also want to achieve and be successful academically.

For me, acting is about telling stories, and I love and enjoy doing it. When I’m preparing for a role, I firstly analyze the script, then I will identify the character’s personality, habits, behavior, and how she thinks, then I will tap into my own creativity to bring the character to life,” she explained.

Catch Zekhethelo on Scandal! weekdays on e.TV at 8:30 PM.

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