Bad News For etv Fans, See The List of Actors Who Might Loose Their Jobs And Why

Several prominent actors on South African television face potential job loss due to issues with their PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax payments. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has identified non-compliance among these actors, demanding immediate action and satisfactory explanations.

If unresolved, these actors could lose their roles on popular e.tv shows. Here’s a closer look at the actors involved and their roles:

Lethabo Mekoa –Skeem Saam”

Lethabo Mekoa, a beloved figure in the long-running drama “Skeem Saam,” portrays the character of Kwaito Seakamela. Known for his compelling performance, Mekoa’s potential departure would leave a significant void in the show’s dynamic.

Thenjiwe – “Isitha”

Thenjiwe, a key character in the riveting series “Isitha,” brings depth and complexity to the storyline. The actress behind this role is under scrutiny, facing possible dismissal if the tax issue isn’t resolved swiftly.

Chuma – “Isitha”
Chuma, another significant character in “Isitha,” is portrayed by an actor known for his versatility and engaging presence. His potential exit alongside Thenjiwe could greatly impact the series, leaving fans worried about the show’s future direction.

Mampho – “House of Zwide”
Mampho, portrayed by an acclaimed actress in the popular soap opera “House of Zwide,” is central to the plot’s intrigue and drama. The actress’s potential exit could disrupt the show’s continuity and fan engagement.

Nonka – “Uzalo”
Nonka, a fan-favorite character on “Uzalo,” played by an actress renowned for her emotional range and relatability, is also on the list. Her departure would significantly impact the show’s narrative.

Here’s why you won’t see Mathews Rantsoma on e.tv’s ‘Scandal!’ any more

Mathews Rantsoma is leaving e.tv’s Scandal!

The actor played the character of Nhlamulo Maseko since joining the soapie in 2021.

e.tv said Mathews was not booted off the show but decided to leave the show to pursue other work.

“Mathews approached us to advise that he would like to pursue other ventures. The production and the channel support his decision and have agreed to release him. He will exit the story at end-July. We wish him all success in his future plans,” e.tv said.

Mathews has captivated viewers.

Previously speaking to TshisaLIVE, Mathews said his on-screen character has created a false perception about him and he has to reassure people he and his on-screen character are opposites

“It has created an image that says I’m a romantic in a way, and I’m not really romantic. I think the life of the character has taken over my image, in a way, with the perception of what my life is.”

Asked how his long-time girlfriend receives his intimate scenes, Mathews said: “It’s been tricky because I have to remind her it’s just a scene and it never went far. You have to reassure that it’s a professional relationship. The basis of everything is communication and having to speak about it helps.”

With a background in theatre, Mathews said being part of the show contributed to his growth as an actor.

“It’s been interesting. It’s been an amazing journey. The most difficult scenes are always the intimate ones because we have to have a conversation about whether we are OK with me going so far. It has to be a conversation so we don’t overstep in the name of playing a role. My difficulty has been playing intimate scenes throughout my career, they need special attention,” he said.

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