Letoya Makhene Generations Actress burns lesbian wife with hot water

Letoya Makhene, a well-known television actress and singer, has been embroiled in serious allegations of domestic abuse against her spouse, Lebohang Pulumo Keswa. Reports indicate that Makhene allegedly scalded Keswa with boiling water, bludgeoned her with an ironing board, and hurled a vase at her. Furthermore, she is accused of destroying furniture and setting fire to the curtains at their Randfontein home.

These incidents have reportedly occurred on three separate occasions over the past three years. Compounding the situation, it has been claimed that Makhene had an affair with a married Nigerian drug dealer in exchange for drugs, unbeknownst to Keswa.

In contrast to these allegations, there have been previous claims that Lebohang Keswa had abused Letoya Makhene. However, these allegations also remain unproven, adding complexity to the narrative surrounding their relationship.

The case has sparked significant controversy and debate on social media. Some users have questioned whether this situation should be classified as gender-based violence, given that both parties are women. Others have commented on the perceived toxicity of lesbian relationships, while some have called for Makhene’s arrest and expressed concern for Keswa’s well-being.

Amidst the social media uproar, there are calls for a thorough investigation to uncover the truth and ensure justice. Many people have expressed their wishes for Keswa’s speedy recovery and hope that the issues between the couple can be resolved before further harm occurs. This case highlights the importance of addressing domestic violence in all forms and ensuring that victims receive the support and protection they need.

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