💔Bad news for all those who love actress Sophie Ndaba. After 25-years she won’t appear on TV again. See wh

After a remarkable 25-year journey in the entertainment industry, 49-year-old Sophie Ndaba has decided to step away from acting and focus on her business, Sophie Ndaba Events. While she anticipated this transition, it was still a bittersweet decision for her, as acting has been her home for so long.

Sophie took a year off after filming the second season of “Family Secret” for SABC1, using this time to reflect and rebuild her business.

Despite not having formal training in acting, Sophie’s natural talent and passion propelled her to success. Starting at the age of 17, she learned from industry icons like Lilian Dube and Sello Maake kaNcube. Now, as she bids farewell to the acting world, Sophie offers words of encouragement to aspiring talents, urging them to pursue their dreams and never give up.

In addition to her acting career, Sophie has become an advocate and motivational speaker after being diagnosed with diabetes. Despite facing various health challenges, she has overcome them and debunked rumors of her demise. Sophie Ndaba’s journey continues, albeit in a new direction.

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