Nota Baloyi exposes is ex Zimbabwean wife Berita Khumalo’s Smelly Secret

Nota Baloyi, the controversial South African music executive, has recently sparked amusement and raised eyebrows with his candid revelations about his former wife, Zimbabwean singer Berita Khumalo.

In a recent episode of the Own Narrative Podcast, Nota divulged details about his past marriage to the talented songstress, shedding light on aspects of their relationship that were previously undisclosed.

One of the more lighthearted yet surprising claims made by Nota was his assertion that he was the first person to inform Berita about the smell of her flatulence. According to him, Berita had two distinct personas – her public image and the person she was in private. Nota described his ex-wife as someone unaccustomed to being challenged, and he proudly declared himself as the first to break the news about the scent of her emissions.

Recalling a specific incident during their time together, Nota recounted a moment when Berita let one loose inside their car. His reaction to the unexpected odor led to a humorous exchange where Berita expressed disbelief that her flatulence could be detected. Nota, however, confirmed that he could indeed smell it, prompting Berita to admit her previous assumption that her emissions were odorless.

The anecdote, while amusing, sheds light on the dynamics of their relationship and highlights the intimacy and candor that existed between them.

In addition to these amusing revelations, Nota Baloyi also addressed more serious matters, including financial issues stemming from his investment in Berita’s career. Claiming to have invested a substantial sum of R6 million into her professional endeavors, Nota expressed his intention to seek repayment of the debt incurred. He emphasized that despite their personal relationship coming to an end, the financial obligations remain unresolved, indicating a desire to settle matters amicably.

Nota’s revelations have garnered attention not only for their comedic value but also for the insights they provide into the complexities of relationships, both personal and professional. As he navigates the aftermath of his marriage to Berita Khumalo, Nota continues to share his experiences, inviting listeners to reflect on the intricacies of love, partnership, and the sometimes unexpected realities of life.

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