Natasha was seen crying after Lorch moved on faster faster with a fresh & delicious lover 24 hours after dumping Natasha

Lorch Thembinkosi, the renowned soccer star, seems to have found new love following his recent breakup with his former partner, Natasha Thahane. Natasha, an actress, took to social media on Monday to reveal the end of their relationship, which lasted over a year and resulted in the birth of their child.

Speculation swirled regarding the reasons behind their split, with some hints from Natasha herself suggesting possible issues of abuse within the relationship, as subtly referenced in her Instagram stories.

Amidst the aftermath of the breakup, Chris Excel, a prominent figure known for sharing entertainment gossip on Twitter, unveiled photographs showcasing Lorch’s new romantic interest. The revelation sparked considerable conversation and curiosity among fans and followers alike.

While Natasha’s departure from Lorch’s life marks the end of one chapter, the emergence of his new relationship hints at the beginning of another. The public eye eagerly watches as the soccer star navigates this new romantic journey, with hopes for a healthier and happier dynamic this time around.

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