Paid Internships in Europe Without IELTS 2024

Paid Internships in Europe Without IELTS 2024. Applications are currently being accepted online for fully compensated summer internship jobs in European nations in 2023. Therefore, now is the time to get the necessary papers together for yourself before it’s too late.

Paid Internships in Europe Without IELTS 2024

The summers are coming, so now is the ideal time to reconsider your plans for your summer vacation or your life after graduation, if that day is approaching. Decide now the candidate want to be one of the losers who use their leisure time to grow their talents to generate professional possibilities for themselves and feel pleased of their achievement, or one of the time wasters who do nothing at all and later regret it.

Students have a ton of chances in Europe this summer that are completely sponsored and don’t even require IELTS. Europe is renowned for the caliber of its professions and educational institutions. Candidate must select Europe for this precise reason, and it will be the finest choice eligible candidate ever make.

This is a long-term investment that will undoubtedly pay off. The candidate may choose which chance in Europe to take advantage of with the aid of this article. Read it and make your own judgment.

List of Fully Paid Summer Internships Without IELTS in Europe

The hand-selected listings of highly compensated summer internships available to foreign students in Europe in 2023 are provided below;

#1 International Turkish Local Authorities Internship Program

The Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT) sponsors a paid internship program for Turkish local authorities abroad that lasts seven days. If the students are of recent university graduate or a final-year student, the candidate may apply.

The eligible candidates don’t need to take the IELTS, but must be proficient in English. The candidate academic background must be in a discipline that is relevant to law, such as sociology, economics, political science, international relations, or administrative sciences.  IELTS is not required in order to apply for internships in Turkey.

#2 Berlin Summer Student Program Germany

Helmholtz-Zentrum An eight-week, fully-funded Berlin Summer Student Program is provided by Berlin University. Candidates may apply if a student from any country, including Germany. Applicants must not be seeking a Ph. D. and be enrolled in a degree program in structural biology, physics, chemistry, math, or a related field. IELTS is not required to apply for the summer student program in Berlin.

#3 CrossCulture Exchange Program Germany

German summer internships are available for 2 to 3 months under the CrossCulture Exchange Program. If the candidate is at least 23 years old, one may apply. One must be an expert in English and have at least two years of professional experience. IELTS is not necessary for the CrossCulture exchange program, though.

#4 OECD Internship Program France

The OECD Internship Program for 1 to 6 months is launched by French authorities in the summer. If the candidate is less than 65 years old, may apply. students must be enrolled in a program leading to a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in a field such as artificial intelligence, bribery and corruption, climate change, corporate governance, development, digitalization, employment, energy, environment, finance, gender diversity, or a closely related field. For this internship, IELTS is not necessary.

#5 L’Oréal Summer Internships France

If one is an undergraduate student, then he or she  eligible to apply for L’Oréal Summer Internships. Internships last for 11 weeks and are compensated. candidates have to be graduating in a year and be on time for the entire internship. One must be able to communicate clearly. To apply for the L’oreal internship, IELTS is not required.

#6 CERN Internship Switzerland

Young college students can apply for a summer internship with Cern in Switzerland. It lasts from one to six months and is a paid internship. Applicants must not be enrolled in a Ph.D. program and be enrolled in appropriate programs. IELTS is not required for CERN internship programs.

#7 ETH Summer Internship Switzerland

The ETH Summer Internship is a two-month paid program for which students of any age may apply. Students must have a strong command of English and be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree. IELTS is not necessary to apply for ETH summer internships, nevertheless.

#8 CRG Summer Internships Spain

A two-month paid internship is available at the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Although IELTS is not necessary, students must have a good level of English fluency. Academic achievement in your graduate or undergraduate degree is required. IELTS is not required.

#9 Adelante Abroad Internships in Spain

For eight weeks over the summer, Adelante Abroad provides unpaid volunteer and internship opportunities. If there is an independent-minded person, one can apply. Applicants must be at least eighteen years old and proficient in English. Adelante does not, however, need IELTS certification in order to offer internship placement to candidates.

#10 Reuters News Summer Internship Poland

Undergraduates may apply for a summer internship program at Reuters News. This paid internship lasts for three to six months. For consideration for a Reuters News internship, you must be in your last year of college or a recent graduate. Candidate must have a degree in journalism or finance as well as strong English language abilities. IELTS is waived for applicants so they can apply for internships at Reuter.

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