Kelly Khumalo’s 13 year old son with Jub Jub fired from xul for the 3rd time after he did something to Kelly’s new man.

Renowned singer Kelly Khumalo finds herself once again under the spotlight, but this time, the attention isn’t veering towards positive accolades. Reports swirling from various sources indicate that Christian, Khumalo’s son from her previous relationship with ex-boyfriend Jub Jub, found himself in a precarious situation leading to his expulsion from school.

Shockingly, the reason behind his expulsion was none other than bringing marijuana onto school premises.

Allegedly, Christian’s involvement in this unlawful act stemmed from a controversial source. It’s rumored that he obtained the illicit substance from Mthokozisi Yende, a former soccer player who also happens to be romantically linked with Khumalo. The intertwining of personal relationships and illicit activities has only added fuel to the already blazing fire of scrutiny surrounding the incident.

In the wake of this revelation, social media platforms erupted with a plethora of reactions. While some expressed disappointment and criticized Khumalo for her perceived failure in fulfilling her maternal duties, others directed their ire towards Jub Jub, urging him to step up and take custody of his son, citing Khumalo’s alleged negligence.

Among the voices of dissent was the controversial YouTuber Slik Talk, who didn’t mince words in his condemnation of Khumalo. Describing her as toxic and likening her influence to that of a “cancer,” his scathing remarks further intensified the scrutiny surrounding Khumalo’s parenting.

As the storm of public opinion rages on, both Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub have maintained a conspicuous silence, leaving many to wonder about their next course of action. With all eyes trained on the former couple, the handling of this crisis remains uncertain, and the repercussions could be far-reaching.

This latest episode adds another chapter to the tumultuous relationship between Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo, characterized by public disputes and accusations. Notably, Jub Jub has previously accused Khumalo of practicing witchcraft, although he later retracted those statements along with other disparaging remarks aimed at another former flame, Amanda Du-Pont.

In the midst of these controversies, the focus now shifts to how Khumalo and Jub Jub navigate through this latest ordeal, with the eyes of the public watching their every move.

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