Nadia Nakai Reveals Why She Removed AKA from Her Profile Picture

Nadia Nakai Reveals Why She Removed AKA from Her Profile Picture

Nadia Nakai recently opened up in an interview with YFm about her upcoming album and the emotional journey she has been on since the loss of her boyfriend, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. Initially planning to dedicate her new album as a tribute to AKA, Nadia decided against it to maintain the privacy of her grief.

Decision to Remove AKA from Profile Picture

During the interview, Nadia explained why she removed AKA from her profile picture on Instagram. She emphasized that her grief has become something she wants to handle privately:
“My grief is no longer for the world to see. The impact of death hits, and you just do things, but now I want to keep the progress of my healing private and deal with the loss by myself.”

Public Opinions on Grieving

Nadia shared how public opinions on how she should be grieving influenced her decision:
“People give opinions about how they think I should be grieving, which is why I decided to keep it private. I am not in the same space that I used to be, and I am healing.”

Upcoming Album

Regarding her music, Nadia mentioned that while the album was initially meant to be a tribute to AKA, she ultimately chose a different direction to honor her need for personal space and private mourning. Despite this, fans can expect her new work to reflect her growth and emotional journey.

Nadia Nakai’s candidness about her grief and healing process resonates with many who understand the deeply personal nature of mourning a loved one. Her decision to step back from public displays of grief underscores the importance of allowing oneself the space to heal in one’s own way.

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