WATCH: Mpho Sebeng’s ‘girlfriend’ shares their last moments

Remembering Mpho Sebeng: Girlfriend Shares Last Moments

In a touching tribute to the late actor Mpho Sebeng, TikTok sensation Nolu Ledwaba recently opened up about their final moments together, sharing cherished memories of their time as a couple.

Social media was awash with emotions as @sanelenkosi took to X to share Ledwaba and Sebeng’s intimate videos and photos, offering a glimpse into their relationship. Ledwaba, who was reportedly dating Sebeng, poured her heart out as she reminisced about their bond.

This heartfelt gesture followed Ledwaba’s earlier post on TikTok, where she shared an “intimate” photo and a video of herself and Sebeng, set to the song “What’s a soulmate,” accompanied by a photo of them sharing a kiss.

Expressing her enduring love for Sebeng, Ledwaba commented on his Instagram posts, proclaiming, “I love you forever,” further highlighting the depth of their connection.


As South Africans rallied to support Ledwaba in her time of grief, messages of comfort and solidarity flooded social media:

@reaschwarz: “After losing a parent, this is secondary to the worst pain. I hope she heals.”

@Ketso28: “Praying for her healing and recovery. This is such a traumatic experience that doesn’t go away anytime soon. Ke sono shame.”

@Ihhashi_Turkei: “Aah man, this must be so hard for you. Strength, love, and light to her.”

@Acwengi72187437: “Losing a significant other would absolutely rock me. Hope she finds healing.”

@becomingzozii: “Shout out to Mpho man. This girl is one of the few women who get to mourn their partners without finding out about other ‘partners.'”

In another poignant moment of remembrance, actress Vele Manenje shared heartfelt words about her bond with Sebeng at his memorial service. Describing him as her brother, best friend, and her daughter’s godfather, Manenje’s tribute underscored the profound impact Sebeng had on those closest to him.

As friends, colleagues, and fans continue to mourn the loss of Mpho Sebeng, his memory lives on through the cherished moments shared and the love he inspired in those around him.

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