Former top Generations Actor Masebenza now homeless & lives in the streets. See what happened to him

Former Generations and Scandal actor Hugh Masebenza has reportedly fallen on hard times. The star is allegedly now homeless and begging for food on the streets of Pretoria.

He was spotted over the weekend on the streets and looks nothing like he once did.

Masebenza is also popularly known as “The Savanna Guy,” having featured in the brand’s commercial in 2008.

According to sources the once bright star walks around looking for piece jobs, relying on handouts from the public. 

He was once pitted as being one of the country’s up and coming talents, having starred in popular local soapies. 

His role as Zuko Zondi in the ETV soap is one of his best-known in his short-lived acting career. 

His career soon fizzled out and Hugh Masebenza then focused on his music. 

Playing the guitar, Masebenza secured gigs at cafés in Pretoria to get by from 2017. 

The last post on his Instagram was on 11 December 2018 and there has been growing concern from South Africans to find his family so they can intervene and help him. 

At this point it is unclear how long Masebenza has been living in these conditions and whether his family are aware about his situation. 

However, a man who identified himself as Masebenza’s nephew claims that the pictures are misleading and that he looks homeless because he’s busy shooting for a film. 

“The guy is healthy and fine, he had a movie shoot which required him to look like he does in the second image. I’m sharing this to alert everyone this is all lies!” Rifuwo Masebenza tweeted. 

Since his picture was circulated on social media there have been several cries for intervention from the public. 

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