New Video Evidence Emerges: AKA’s Fiancée Anele Tembe Allegedly Threatened Suicide

New Video Evidence Emerges: AKA’s Fiancée Anele Tembe Allegedly Threatened Suicide

In a startling development, AKA’s legal team has submitted new video evidence purportedly depicting Anele Tembe, his late fiancée, threatening to take her own life at his residence in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

The emergence of this video clip adds a significant twist to the ongoing saga surrounding Anele’s tragic passing. Scheduled for formal investigation during an inquest hearing at the Cape Town magistrate’s court commencing on April 15, 2024, this evidence promises to shed new light on the circumstances leading up to her death.

Anele Tembe’s untimely demise shook the nation when she tragically fell from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town on April 11, 2021. Accompanied by AKA, the couple was staying at the hotel at the time of the incident, following a reported altercation between them.

Despite initial findings by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) classifying Anele’s death as suicide, her family vehemently contested this conclusion. Now, with the emergence of this new video footage, questions surrounding the events leading up to her death have been reignited.

The video purportedly captures Anele—affectionately known as “Nelli”—standing on the balcony of AKA’s residence, visibly distressed and threatening to jump. Witnesses claim she tossed her engagement ring, two Rolex watches, and a portrait into the swimming pool below before AKA intervened, retrieving the items.

In a heart-wrenching account, sources reveal that AKA found Anele in a highly emotional state, seated on the bed, expressing her desire to end her life. These revelations paint a poignant picture of the tumultuous moments preceding her tragic fall.

The Tembe family, who have steadfastly maintained their belief that AKA played a role in Anele’s death, have pointed to alleged defensive marks on AKA’s body as evidence of foul play. They allege that these marks suggest Anele attempted to defend herself against AKA, further complicating the narrative surrounding her demise.

Additionally, the family has raised concerns about AKA’s actions immediately following the incident, alleging that he failed to administer aid to Anele and instead called for assistance only after she had fallen. This, coupled with allegations of AKA cleaning the hotel room where the altercation occurred, adds layers of intrigue to the unfolding investigation.

As the inquest hearing looms on the horizon, the emergence of this new video evidence promises to be a pivotal moment in the quest for truth surrounding Anele Tembe’s tragic passing. With emotions running high and the stakes higher than ever, the nation watches with bated breath as justice hangs in the balance.

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