Former Rhythim City actor Suffocate is dying

Suffocate, the beloved actor from Rhythm City, whose real name is Mduduzi Mabaso, has garnered significant concern among fans due to his recent drastic weight loss. Dubbed as “Suffocate is suffocating” by some in jest, the actor’s transformation has sparked worry among many of his followers.

Despite this concern, Mduduzi Mabaso has had a remarkable career spanning decades, with notable roles in popular productions such as Yizo Yizo 2, Zone 14, Hotel Rwanda, and Blood Diamonds, among others. Beyond his on-screen success, he is recognized as a dedicated father, husband, and ambitious businessman.

Moreover, Mabaso’s commitment extends beyond the entertainment industry. He is actively engaged in initiatives aimed at reforming and motivating prisoners. “I do talks with prisoners with the aim of motivating them to be better citizens when they come out,” he shared, reflecting his dedication to making a positive impact beyond the screen.

South African celebrities who had major body transformations.

These celebs caused a stir and got people talking due to the obvious changes in their bodies.

While a few gained these transformations by going under the knife, others got theirs through a good diet, and other means best known to them.


Busiswa went from being thick and chubby to losing a massive number of weight.


The rapper gained more weight, most especially after the birth of his first child, Oliver. He called the weight gain dad-body.


Babes went from drastically losing weight to gaining a bit of weight in a year. It looks good on her!


The reality TV star opened up about her surgical journey for her body. She went through the pain, but she’s healed and slaying.


The radio personality’s weight loss looks stunning on her.


Sophie’s body transformation got jaws dropping; people were shocked at her amazing weight gain. She narrated how she escaped death and recovered. The photos shared by the businesswoman are enough evidence.

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