Are Skeem Saam stars Pretty ‘Lerato Marabe’ and Kwaito ‘Clement Maosa’ married in real life?

Lerato Marabe, who plays Pretty and Clement Maosa, who plays Kwaito on Skeem Saam, has been trending on social media after the news that they are married went viral.

The two were wearing matching outfits and rings, making fans think they were married in real life. Could it be a coincidence that the two were wearing matching outfits and all happy? Are Pretty ‘Lerato Marabe’ and Kwaito ‘Clement Maosa’ husband and wife in real life?

Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa
Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa: Image source @Instagram

Are Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa married in real life?

Lerato Marabe made headlines in 2021 when her viral pictures in Makoti attire flooded social media. The bubbly actress took to her Instagram to tease her fans with a sneak peek of her love life. In the pictures, she shared she was wearing new bridal attire.

However, many couldn’t believe that Lerato was married as she was wearing the exact dress that can only be worn by a new makoti, which symbolizes a tradition. Lerato did not show off her husband, leaving many assuming she was teasing the fans and she is not married in real life; she is still on the market waiting for a suitable suitor.

Lerato Marabe
Lerato Marabe: Image source @Instagram

On the other hand, Clement Maosa is married in real life but not to Lerato Marabe. The handsome actor is married to his beautiful wife, whom he married before fame. The two have been through thin and thick together and have survived it all.

Not much is known about Clement Maosa’s wife, as she is a private person who lives her personal life off camera. Clement and his wife have a son together, and he is always bragging about how perfect his family is. To prove his undying love to his wife, the actor has managed to bless his wife with the best things this world can offer.

Clement Maosa
Clement Maosa: Image source @Instagram

Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa’s relationship

The two stars play the role of siblings on Skeem Saam. On set, they are always there for each other and can do anything to ensure they are happy. However, besides being siblings on screens, the two have grown fond of each other and are friends in real life.

Lerato recently shared pictures of Clement Maosa on her Instagram as evidence of their friendship, and they looked happy together. In real life, Lerato and Clement are not married but are good friends.

Skeem Saam actor and his wife to be are pregnant!

Skeem Saam actor Zamokuhle, known as ‘Kwaito’ Seakamela in the show and whose real name is Clement Maosa, has some exciting news to share – he and his fiancée are expecting a baby!

The actor, who got engaged in 2018 and has been eagerly awaiting this moment, took to Instagram to announce the joyous news. Sharing a picture of his glowing fiancée proudly displaying her baby bump, he expressed his excitement, saying, “I’ve been waiting… and if ‘be fruitful and multiply’ was a person.”

Quoting lyrics from the song “I Do” by La Sauce featuring Amanda Black, Maosa hinted at the immense joy and anticipation they feel about this new chapter in their lives.

This delightful development suggests that their much-anticipated wedding might be just around the corner, marking one of the most significant days in their lives. However, some fans are playfully urging Maosa to stop speaking in riddles and share more straightforward updates about their journey.

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