AKA’s former bodyguard Dogg reveals how much he charges per day

In the bustling world of celebrity protection in South Africa, Anwar ‘Dogg’ Khan, once rapper AKA’s bodyguard, has risen as a prominent figure. Leading The Pentagon Group, he boasts a career spanning years, safeguarding various public figures like Dwayne Wade, Boys II Men, and the late AKA.

Dogg recently opened up about his operations and pricing on The Load Shed Podcast. He disclosed a minimum charge of $3000 per day per person, asserting, “It’s $3000 per day, per guy, and that’s minimum when you’ve got me on a good day.”

Although Dogg remained tight-lipped about AKA’s specific security expenses, he emphasized his role as the primary guard responsible for client safety and team coordination. He clarified, “I’m a lead agent. I run everything while my guys will drive and secure areas; then I deal with the main artist myself.”

His revelations sparked widespread discussion, with many speculating about AKA’s tragic incident. Dogg elaborated on the security breach that led to AKA’s demise, citing protocol violations and strategic planning by the assailants.

While Dogg pointed fingers at those arrested in connection with AKA’s murder as “the small fish,” he stressed the importance of apprehending the mastermind behind the operation. Despite reports of money transfers preceding the hit, the police have yet to disclose the identity of the alleged coordinator.

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