Video of Ntando Duma fighting with her neighbour goes viral – Watch

Parking Lot Dispute Leads to Court Battle Between Ntando Duma and Neighbour

A heated altercation between actress Ntando Duma and her neighbour has escalated into a legal battle following a dispute over children playing in the parking lot.

According to a source close to the situation, the conflict arose when the neighbour nearly collided with a child while driving through the complex parking lot, where children were reportedly playing unsupervised.

In response, the neighbour allegedly reprimanded the children for playing in the parking lot, which prompted them to inform their parents. This confrontation spilled over into a heated exchange between the neighbour, Duma, and her friend, with verbal insults hurled from both sides.

Duma’s friend reportedly verbally abused the neighbour, using derogatory language, while the neighbour described Duma as “narcissistic” and self-absorbed.

The situation escalated further when both parties decided to take legal action against each other, resulting in a court case.

A video capturing the altercation has surfaced on social media, depicting the tense confrontation between Duma’s friend and the neighbour. However, Duma remained silent during the confrontation, with her friend taking the lead in addressing the neighbour.

The incident underscores the importance of effective communication and conflict resolution in shared spaces, as well as the potential consequences of unresolved disputes. As the legal proceedings unfold, both parties await a resolution to the parking lot disagreement that sparked this unexpected confrontation.

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