Marriages marred with abuse, and cheating allegations’: A look at star actress Letoya Makhene’s failed marriages.

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A Look at Letoya Makhene’s Failed Marriages

Seasoned South African actress Letoya Makhene is once again making headlines, this time due to her recent fallout with her spouse, Lebohang Pumulo Keswa. This split marks another chapter in the actress’s tumultuous relationship history, characterized by allegations of abuse and infidelity.

Marriage with Lebohang Pumulo Keswa

Letoya Makhene and Lebohang Pumulo Keswa tied the knot in 2020. Their relationship, however, has been fraught with difficulties, culminating in their recent separation. Lebohang confirmed their split to the media, expressing regret over the breakup and its impact on their families.

“In Letoya, I thought I had found a soul mate, and I was looking forward to growing old with her,” Lebohang stated. She expressed her sorrow and apologized to her children and family for the distress the split caused. Lebohang also addressed Letoya and her children, expressing love and wishing them well for the future.

Allegations of Abuse and Cheating

The relationship between Letoya and Lebohang has previously been marred by serious allegations. Last year, Lebohang accused Letoya of both cheating and physical abuse, claiming she had been cheated on twice and had suffered physical abuse at Letoya’s hands. These accusations added strain to their already troubled marriage, eventually leading to their separation.

Marriage with Privilege Mangezi

Before her marriage to Lebohang, Letoya Makhene was married to Privilege Mangezi, a Zimbabwean national, for nine years. This relationship was also marked by significant challenges, particularly after immigration issues led to Privilege losing his job. According to Letoya, this loss of employment triggered a change in Privilege’s behavior, leading to years of abuse.

In an interview, Letoya recounted the trauma she endured: “The abuse went on for a good few years because I was scared of him. I lost my confidence. I was at a stage in my life that even when I was talking to people, I couldn’t look them in the eye because I was so traumatized.” Eventually, Letoya found the courage to leave the abusive relationship.

Legal Battles and Child Custody

Following their separation, Letoya’s ex-husband Privilege Mangezi reportedly took legal action against her, seeking access to their children whom he had not seen for several years. This legal battle added another layer of complexity to Letoya’s already strained personal life.


Letoya Makhene’s relationship history reflects a series of tumultuous and painful experiences. Her marriages, marred by allegations of abuse and infidelity, highlight the challenges she has faced in her personal life. Despite these difficulties, Letoya continues to navigate her journey, seeking peace and stability for herself and her children.

This overview of Letoya Makhene’s marriages underscores the resilience and strength required to overcome personal adversities and highlights the ongoing struggle for many facing similar issues.

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