Painful story of how young Skeem Saam actor Kwaito lost his parents & it led to a war in real life. See what happened here

Skeem Saam Actor Clement Maosa Reflects on Challenging Teenage Years

Clement Maosa, known for his role in Skeem Saam, has candidly shared the difficulties he faced during his teenage years, marked by the loss of his parents and the upheaval of a family war.

The philanthropic actor has previously touched upon his past, revealing that he became an orphan in his teens and was raised by his grandmother.

Taking to Instagram recently, Clement delved into the belief that jealousy may have been a factor in his parents’ health issues and subsequent passing shortly after a grand wedding celebration. He posted a picture of his parents on their engagement celebration day, expressing his emotions about the event and the events that ensued.

“This was their engagement celebration before the wedding, and immediately after the celebration, they both started having health issues then eventually passed on a year later.

“I was young but I heard all kinds of accusations/allegations from everyone, community members, family, church people and just passers-by about what was the cause of their deaths, and as a teenager, I was confused. The family war erupted, and we didn’t even get the time to grieve or mourn as everything happened so fast… the only solution was to relocate with my siblings from that village, switch off the noise and somehow start afresh,” shared Clement.

Acknowledging that he is still in the process of healing from the aftermath of his parents’ death, Clement expressed his lingering belief that his parents would still be alive if they hadn’t had a lavish wedding celebration.

“Healing is a process and no one should predict when and how to deal with it. The fact that two domestic workers who were already written off were now emerging in business and had a white wedding in the village didn’t sit well with many for some weird reason. At some point, I believed that had they not got married and had a huge wedding celebration, they would still be alive… Anyway, it’s all in the past. Now I’m just rewriting history, that’s all.”

Clement’s Instagram comments section was filled with supportive messages from industry friends and fans, wishing him love, light, and continued healing. Actress Ayanda Ncwane noted, “What a strong, great young man you turned out to be. Yes, the wound doesn’t completely heal when your loved one died through the hand of another human. It is well!” Actress Nomsa Buthelezi added, “You are their dream come true. Stay blessed.”

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