Many blogs and newspapers have been trying to hide this story ,but I discovered it and want to expose Chris Brown for the world to see who he really is..

This happened in 2023 , and since then it hasn’t gained as much attention..

This 🇿🇦 South-African girl was young innocent and naïve. She was just 14yrs and would never imagine Chris Brown was capable of such..

She just has her father to carter for her and looked upto to Chris Brown and then Chris Brown decided to do the unthinkable..

After finding out the young 14 yr South-African girl had an angelic voice, Chris Brown sampled her voice in his song “SH00TER” and then compensated her R56000.

The girl became a superstar just like that simply because Chris Brown decided to USE HER VOICE..

   CHRIS BROWN will not end there he went ahead and posted the video of the young South-African girl on his 140million Instagram story,  she gained  over 100k + Tiktok Followers and 100k + Instagram followers within the 48hrs that Followed. 

It didn’t end there Chris Brown bought an iPhone 12 for the young girl..

🇿🇦Naledi Aphiwe is the teenage innocent South-African girl who dared to share her work on the internet and it paid off .

 Chris Brown used her and set a good example to others. Expose your talent on the internet your destiny helper could just be watching...

Chris Brown is really trying singlehandedly to give african talents a wider global recognition.. He's indeed a selfless individual..

This is what I want the world to see about Chris Brown, he has a good heart and is using his influence to give Talented individuals much needed exposure..

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