WATCH: Letoya Makhene partying it up with ‘an unknown man’

WATCH: Letoya Makhene Partying with ‘Unknown Man’

Seasoned actress Letoya Makhene is making headlines after a video of her partying with an unknown man went viral on the internet. This comes amidst her recent fallout with Lebo Keswa, her partner of four years.

Viral Video Sparks Controversy

The video, shared by celebrity blog Maphepha Ndaba, shows Letoya Makhene getting cozy with an unidentified man at a party. Rumor has it that the clip was taken a few weeks ago, but there is no confirmation if this man is the same one alleged to be a Nigerian drug dealer, as per Lebo Keswa’s accusations.

Allegations of Abuse and Cheating

The breakup has been marred by serious allegations from both sides. Lebo Keswa has accused Letoya of abuse and infidelity, claiming that she was involved with a Nigerian drug dealer in exchange for sex. One of the most shocking accusations includes an incident in October 2023 where Keswa alleges that Makhene burned her with boiling water.

These claims are not isolated. Their marriage, which began with a lavish wedding in 2020, has been fraught with allegations of abuse and infidelity. A notable incident dates back to 2022 in Tzaneen, adding to the tumultuous nature of their relationship.

Lebo Keswa’s Statement

Confirming their separation, Lebo Keswa expressed deep disappointment and sorrow over the end of their relationship. She told Sunday World:

“In Letoya, I thought I had found a soul mate, and I was looking forward to growing old with her, and as I always said to her, ‘You’re going to close my eyes when I die.’ I guess, as they say, the show must go on! To my children and family, I apologize for the impact that this journey may have had on you. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you. To Letoya Makhene, her family, and last but not least, her children, I loved you all, and I’m sorry that things had to get to this point. I sincerely wish everyone nothing but the best with their journey going forward.”

Public Reaction

The public has been quick to react to the video and the allegations, with opinions divided. Some people express support for Makhene, while others criticize her actions and the rapid move from her previous relationship. The viral video has only added fuel to the fire, prompting further speculation about her personal life and relationships.

As the story develops, many await a response from Letoya Makhene to provide her side of the story amidst the allegations and viral media coverage.

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