‘Founder of soft life’: Lesego Marakalla: Where is Skeem Saam’s Rachel Kunutu now?‘

Whereabouts of Lesego Marakalla, Formerly Rachel Kunutu from Skeem Saam

Lesego Marakalla, renowned for her portrayal of Rachel Kunutu on the popular SABC educational drama series Skeem Saam, has captivated audiences with her on-screen charisma and fashion sense. But where is this celebrated actress now, and what has she been up to since bidding farewell to her iconic character?

After nearly a decade of embodying the high-maintenance sugar baby, Rachel Kunutu, Marakalla took her final bow from Skeem Saam in 2020. Her departure from the show coincided with her character’s decision to leave her family behind and pursue studies in Cuba, a storyline that left fans eagerly anticipating Rachel’s potential return.

Confirming her exit, the Skeem Saam production team acknowledged Marakalla’s significant contribution to the show’s success over the years. Since then, speculation about her possible return has been rife, fueled by occasional updates from her family about her whereabouts.

Despite maintaining a low profile since leaving Skeem Saam, Marakalla briefly graced screens in 2022 with a role in Generations: The Legacy, where she portrayed Winston’s ally. However, her stint on the show was shorter than anticipated, leaving fans yearning for more of her talent.

In the interim, Marakalla has remained active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she occasionally shares glimpses of her life. With just six posts on her Instagram feed, her online presence is relatively reserved, leaving fans curious about her current endeavors.

While details about her professional pursuits remain scant, reports suggest that Marakalla has continued her association with On Point Health Care, where she previously served as a brand ambassador. Additionally, she has reportedly been involved in counseling and supporting rape survivors, hosting healing sessions to aid in their recovery.

As fans eagerly await Marakalla’s potential return to the spotlight, her intermittent social media updates offer a tantalizing glimpse into her life beyond the screen. Despite her absence from mainstream productions, her enduring impact on South African television ensures that her eventual comeback will be met with enthusiastic anticipation from audiences nationwide.

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