A picture of the late singer Zahara lying in a caskett has gone viral.

Is That Late Singer Zahara Lying in a Casket?

Social media has been abuzz with a controversial image of a woman’s body in a casket, widely assumed to be the late singer Zahara. This image, which has gone viral, is reportedly linked to Zahara’s sister, according to various Twitter users. But is this image a cruel Photoshop prank, or is there any truth to it?

Viral Image Sparks Outrage

The image, which shows a woman resembling Zahara in an open casket, was initially shared by the publication News O Clock with the caption, “A picture of the late singer Zahara lying in a casket. Her sister apparently shared this photo.” The tweet has since sparked widespread confusion and disbelief among fans.

Skepticism and Speculation

Many Twitter users expressed shock at the image, while others were skeptical about its authenticity. The image appears to have been modified, with Zahara’s face seemingly superimposed onto the body of a woman in a casket.

Family Speaks Out

In the meantime, Zahara’s sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa, have spoken about the singer’s drive and determination to improve her life and career. During the memorial ceremony on Saturday, December 23, Bandezwa shared, “She kept saying she wanted to do a gospel album. On her trip to the hospital on Friday, she kept encouraging us not to worry and that everything would be great.”

Social Media Reactions

The reaction on social media has been intense, with users questioning the family’s motives and the image’s authenticity.

Charlene Nørholm (@rholm_charlene) tweeted:
“Why is the family doing this? Aren’t they supposed to be mourning her death🤔?”

Franco (@ZukzFranco) questioned:
“Why are her eyes still open? 🤔”

The image has left many puzzled and disturbed, raising questions about respect and privacy in the wake of a public figure’s death.


As the debate over the image continues, Zahara’s legacy and the impact she had on her fans remain undeniable. Whether the photo is genuine or a distasteful edit, it highlights the sensitive nature of mourning and the respect due to those who have passed. Fans and followers await further clarification from Zahara’s family and official sources.

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