#1 Harvard University

Harvard University is undoubtedly one of the top Law universities in the world found in the US and is ranked 99.9% as reported the topuniversities.com ranking site.  On number two we have the University of Oxford.



#2 University of Oxford

As previously indicated in the previous slide, the University of Oxford sits on number and it is located in the UK.  The University of Oxford is an old institution and it's recognized worldwide. Currently it is at the apex of the ranking order ranked 96.9 by topuniversities.com. Let's move on to number 3 in the next slide...

#3 University of Cambridge

Attracting students from across all walks of life around the world is the University of Cambridge. This prestigious institution just like the one sitting on number two, it's also found in the UK.  At the time of writing this article, the institution is on 96.4 as ranked by topuniversities.com.   When it comes to requirements to study law at the University of Cambridge, a student must have A-level grades for Cambridge Law. Which one is number 4 now...let's find out shall we?

#4 Yale University

Founded in the 17th century Yale University is well known for its imparted learning culture, and inspiring innovation for future generations. It is ranked 94% by the topuniversities.com. Getting accepted to study Law at Yale Law School is a challenge for any applicant, no matter how qualified.  In order to improve one's chances of admission, students ought to focus on achieving the very best grades and test scores that they can. On number 5 is a private university found in the United States of America.

#5 Stanford University

The Stanford University is a private university located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just 35 miles south of San Francisco. It has a whopping 92.4% ranking as according to topuniversities.com.  The institution is considered to be one of the best universities to study due to it standard research and learning. BEST WISHES ON APPLYING AT EITHER ONE OF THE BEST UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD TO STUDY LAW