Vusa Nova in shock as late Zahara’s sisters sell her furniture

Vusi Nova in Shock as Late Zahara’s Sisters Sell Her Furniture

Social media was abuzz after news broke that the family of the late South African singer Zahara was selling her furniture and other valuables. The family has reportedly listed her belongings for sale to the highest bidder, circulating photos of her household items on WhatsApp with price tags attached. Among the items up for sale are even some of Zahara’s awards.

Vusi Nova’s Reaction

Zahara’s close friend, Vusi Nova, was shocked to learn that her furniture and other possessions were being sold. Speaking to the media, he expressed his disbelief and disappointment.

“I am always there for the stuff that they need and for the parents, but they did not tell me anything about selling Zahara’s furniture. I am so shocked about what you are telling me. I didn’t know.”

Family Dynamics and Criticism

The sale has sparked criticism from Zahara’s friends and former associates. Zahara’s former manager, Oyama Dyosiba, distanced himself from the drama, explaining that he had not been involved in her affairs since her sisters, Bandezwa and Lumka, took over.

“Old clients called asking me what was happening and why we were selling her furniture. I was not aware of what was happening. I just told them I have not been active and have removed myself from her affairs since the sisters took over.”

Husband’s Woes

Zahara’s husband, Mpho Xaba, also spoke out, revealing tensions with the family. He claimed he was sidelined from Zahara’s funeral and barred from attending the proceedings because the family did not recognize him as her husband due to an unpaid lobola (bride price).

Financial Troubles

The sale comes on the heels of reports that Zahara’s house was at risk of repossession by the tax authorities after she failed to settle her bond with the bank. A close friend of Zahara confirmed the sale, criticizing the family for not consulting her elders and selling the items at low prices.

“They are selling absolutely everything without even consulting her elders at home. That furniture is way too expensive for what they are selling it for. They … really don’t care about her legacy.”


The situation has left many in shock and mourning, with Zahara’s legacy being handled controversially by her family. As the story unfolds, friends and fans continue to express their dismay at the developments surrounding the late singer’s possessions and legacy.

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