Fans Express Concern Over Cassper Nyovest’s New Wife’s Behavior During Traditional Wedding

Fans Express Concern Over Cassper Nyovest’s New Wife’s Behavior During Traditional Wedding

In a joyous celebration witnessed by fans across Mzansi, rapper and entrepreneur Cassper Nyovest recently embarked on a new chapter of his life by tying the knot with his longtime friend Pulane Mojaki in a traditional wedding ceremony.

The event, marked by traditional Tswana customs and rituals, showcased the couple’s union as they exchanged vows and pledges of commitment. However, amidst the cheers and well-wishes from onlookers, some fans couldn’t help but express their concerns over the behavior of Cassper’s new bride.

In videos and photos shared from the ceremony, fans noticed instances where Pulane Mojaki appeared distracted, engrossed in her phone while important moments unfolded around her. This behavior prompted a flurry of commentary on social media, with fans expressing their disappointment and concern.

One fan, @realnorma_kay, voiced her apprehension, stating, “She is busy talking on the phone at such moments, this will end in tears soon.” Others, like @dumisane_, pointed out perceived disconnect in the couple’s body language, noting, “Their body language is so disconnected, and she is on her phone while they’re getting married. But we are happy for the brother.”

The sight of Pulane Mojaki on her phone during significant moments of the ceremony led to criticism from fans, with @Ketso expressing frustration: “They are singing for her, and she’s on her phone mxm.” Similarly, @Libo remarked on the perceived disrespect, stating, “Being on your phone while your husband is there to fetch you, along with his family is the most disrespectful thing lmao.”

While some fans acknowledged the celebratory nature of the occasion, others criticized the selective sharing of content on social media. @Nikki remarked, “Social media is something else, of all the moments from this, this is the one clip you wanted to show because you knew people would make their own conclusions.”

Amidst the mixed reactions, one sentiment remained constant: congratulations to Cassper Nyovest and his new wife. Despite the concerns raised by fans, many expressed their well-wishes and hopes for a happy and fulfilling marriage for the couple as they embark on this new journey together.

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