Are Velaphi and Mbuso from Isitha: The Enemy Really Related?

Are Velaphi and Mbuso from Isitha: The Enemy Really Related?

Although some sources have reported that the actors who portray Velaphi and Mbuso on Isitha: The Enemy are related, they have never confirmed it themselves.

For better or for worse, Velaphi and Mbuso’s characters will always be linked in the minds of Isitha: The Enemy fans. However, you should not believe every rumour that you hear about the actors who portray these beloved characters.

The Real Relationship Between Velaphi and Mbuso

Longtime Isitha: The Enemy fans have followed the relationship between Velaphi Sokhulu and Mbuso Ngwenya, who go from closest confidants to arch-enemies over the course of the show’s two-season run.

The bond—good or bad—between these characters is so strong, in fact, that some sources have now even reported that the actors, Kwanda Manyathi and Khanyisani Kheswa, are related in real life.

But, while it would certainly be fun to believe that art has imitated real life in this way, there is no real evidence to suggest that Manyathi and Kheswa share a familial bond.

What is very evident, though, is that these two up-and-coming actors have certainly formed quite a strong friendship on the set of Isitha: The Enemy.

Kwanda Manyathi and Khanyisani Kheswa’s “Brotherhood”

Kwanda Manyathi (Velaphi) and Khanyisani Kheswa (Mbuso) have been working closely together on the set of Isitha: The Enemy for well over a year now. And though their real-life bond is not quite thicker than water, they seem to have developed quite a close friendship in between takes.

In fact, Kheswa recently took to Instagram on 21 March 2024 to share a few off-screen photos with Manyathi and captioned the series of snaps “Brotherhood.” This likely inadvertently sparked all of the rumours that these two actors are related in real life.

What Lies Ahead for Velaphi and Mbuso on Isitha: The Enemy

It seems like internet rumours are not all that Manyathi and Kheswa will have to worry about in the weeks ahead, as both of these actors’ characters will have a lot on their plates as season two of Isitha: The Enemy progresses.

And, while we will not give any of the important details away, the May 2024 spoilers do suggest that Mbuso will have some complicated feelings to deal with, while Velaphi will struggle to navigate his new environment.

What to Look Forward to on Season 2 of Isitha: The Enemy

Of course, Mbuso and Velaphi are not the only Isitha: The Enemy characters embroiled in season two’s highly dramatic storylines. Fans should prepare themselves for weeks of loss, betrayal, and misplaced loyalties as the war between the Mabutas and Sokhulus takes the drama in the show to the next level.

As always, the show seemingly still has many twists and turns in store for this new season.

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