Rhythm City Actors & Their Ages (From Youngest To Oldest)

Rhythm City actors portray different characters onset compared to their real lives. Well, it is the same case with their real ages, whilst some act as high school students when in actual facts they are adults. The following are the real names and ages of the Rhythm City cast from youngest to the oldest.

Rhythm City Cast, Real Names and Ages: Youngest to Oldest
Rhythm City Cast, Real Names and Ages: Youngest to Oldest

Zinhle Ngobese – Kealeboga Masango (17)

Zinhle plays the troubled daughter of one of the most ruthless political tycoon Khulekani. Onset she struggles with drug addiction as well as depression. She is the youngest of the cast.

Lefa – Tshiamo Molobi (17)

Lefa is the second youngest of the cast born on 17 May 2003. Onset his character is an orphan who ends up finding a family with the Khuse’s.

Dumisani – Siyabonga Mtshali (18)

He plays a troubled teen orphan who finds himself hanging out with the wrong crowd as a way to find means to survive. This leads to the death of his baby sister and loss of the only place they knew as home. He finds himself in juvenile after committing crimes. He plays Sabelo’s and Mapula’s younger brother.

Sabelo – Ishmaeul Songo (25)

Sabelo acts as Mapula’s and Dumisani’s older brother. He works as a bartender at Kilowatt, a local club, and bar. He portrays a ghetto young man trying to find his way around this life thing.

Keabetswe – Kamogelo Molatlhoe (25)

Born on the 25th of February Kea plays Lefa’s older sister, abandoned by her parents. Just like her brother she finds a family with the Khuse’s.

Sindiswa – Mbalenhle Zakwe (25)

Born on the 25th of September 1995, she acts as a bubbly radio personality who is in a relationship with Sabelo. He calls her “Queen yase London”. She is a goal-driven young lady ready to take up the entertainment industry by a storm. She sees herself as Sabelo’s wife in the near future.

Mampho – Itumeleng Bokaba (27)

Born on the 3rd of January 1993, she plays an eager journalist that takes every scoop out of a story. Mampho plays a young woman who is HIV positive but living without difficulties. Her character portrays to the real world that one can surely lead a normal life even with the virus. She acts as Jafts’s only child.

Rhythm City Cast, Real Names and Ages: Youngest to Oldest

 Mzi – Jesse Suntele (28)

His real name on-screen is Nqabayo, Suffocate’s firstborn child. He acts as a legal representative (lawyer). On-screen he portrays a young man who seems to be failing when it comes to matters of the heart, whilst in reality, Jesse is in a happy long-term relationship and seems to be handling it pretty well.

Jamaica – Mzamo Gcabhashe (28)

Born on the 27th of January 1992, Jamaica is one of the few characters that actually represent something different on the soapie, and that is the LGBT ( lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender) community. A community that stands for difference in sexuality which in actual fact the society is still failing to come to terms with. Jamaica is in actual fact gay in real life.

Pearl – Petronella Tshuma (30)

Born on the 18th of January 1990, she plays the character of Genaro’s daughter and also an enemy to the Ndlovu family ( suffocate’s family). Just like her father, Pearl does not let things go easily. She plays both Suffocate and Mzi’s ex-girlfriend.

Mapula – Mapula Molefe (30)

Born on the 18th of July 1990, Mapula plays an orphan who has made it well to university but gets distracted when one of the lecturers shows interest in her wanting to be her  “blesser”. She sees that as an easy way to see the world outside poverty and goes for the entanglement. In the long run she turns out to be a completely different person but quickly reprimands herself and discards her new ways. She plays Banele’s girlfriend as well.

Banele – Oros Mampofu (30)

Born on the 27th of August 1990, Banele is an estranged orphan with one parent alive. He struggles with accommodation at university till his girlfriend Mapula chips in. They dated for a while but with time Mapula starts acting funny giving Banele less attention.

Lerato – Samkelo Ndlovu (31) 

Samkelo Ndlovu was born on 31 December and plays Lerato on Rhythm City, a businesswoman who is not afraid to take whatever she wants.

Nandi – Nompilo Gwala (33)

Nompilo Gwala was born 21 December 1987, she plays Nandi a wife to the business political tycoon, Khulekani Ngobese, and also mother to Zinhle. She portrays the character of a weak-willed woman full of life. She is all about family, as she tries to continuously mend her relationship with her sister Ziyanda.

Gift – Nyamiro Dzedze (34)

Born on the 13th of September 1986, Gift plays the character of a married lecturer who takes interest in one of the students and willingly spends money on her in exchange for sex.

Mandlakhe – Menzi Biyela (37)

Born on the 5th of May 1983, he plays the character of Khulekani’s right-hand man. He does all of Khulekani’s dirty work.

Fats – Mpho Molepo (41)

Mpho Molepo plays Fats on Rhythm city, he is one of the people who have been in the show from way back. Born on the 15th of May 1979, Fats acts as a bartender turned into the bar manager. He has indirectly become a family with Suffocate.

Ziyanda – Linda Sokhulu (44)

Linda Sokhulu was born on the 13th of September 1976, Ziyanda plays the character of Nandi’s sister. She is bitter and angry because of the things that happened in the past that she has not yet addressed.

Suffocate – Mduduzi Mabaso (44)

Suffocate is one of the few men who are rivals and have always been rivals with David Genaro as well as Khulekani. Just like his son Mzi, onset he seems to be failing when it comes to matters of the heart.

Blossom – Slindile Nodangala (48)

Mam’Blossom plays the character of Bab’Khuse’s wife. The two do not have any children together but they have been set out to be people with big hearts. Onset they indirectly adopted a few struggling children. Born on the 23rd of June 1972.

Khulekani – Mncedisi Shabangu (51)

Mncedisi Shabangu plays the character of a dangerous political business tycoon who does not take defeat lightly. He is Nandi’s husband and a father to Zinhle. Born on the 3rd of November 1969, he has always been a lover of the stage.

Jafta – Sandile Dlamini (52)

Sandile Dlamini plays the role of Jafta, a lonely single father who does not seem to care what the rest of the world thinks of him. He is a father to Mampho. Born on the 23rd of March 1968.

Cuba – Neninzi Williams (55)

Born on the 30th of April 1965, Cuba plays the character of Puleng’s mother. A single mother who feels pressured by creating a name for herself even at her age.

Kop Khuse – Sehlabe Taunyane (64)

Sehlabe Taunyane was born on the 27th of April 1956, he plays the character of Blossom’s husband. A father figure to many, one that does not tolerate any form of nonsense or stupidity.

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