Exposed: Remember Zithulele from #Imbewu? He is Zimbabwean & using fake name. Together with his brother Mzamo from Uzalo. See his real name here👉🏾

Zithulele from Imbewu and Mzamo Shezi from Uzalo are related in real life

Zithulele from Imbewu and Mzamo Shezi from Uzalo are related in real life

In the vibrant world of South African entertainment, one name has stood out since 2009, captivating audiences as a presenter and actor—Raphael Griffiths. Despite lacking formal acting training, Griffiths won hearts with his compelling portrayal of Vusi in Muvhango.

According to one source, Griffiths was born in Johannesburg in 1992, which aligns with the claim of him being half South African. However, another source contradicts this, stating that he grew up in Zimbabwe, specifically in a small township called Makhandeni, Bulawayo.

The second source further reveals that Griffiths’ grandmother, known as MaPhiri in the neighborhood, often showed pictures of him to the community. This source also suggests that Griffiths’ grandparents may have originated from Zambia or Malawi.

Additionally, the source who claims to have grown up with Griffiths and played with him in the township streets reveals that his real name is Tawanda. While he acknowledges that Griffiths may have changed his name to Raphael, they primarily knew him as Tawanda, and his grandmother referred to him as such.

However, beneath the glitz and glamour of the screen, he harbored a secret – a mixed heritage that he kept concealed, fearing the potential backlash of xenophobic criticism.

Recently, Griffiths decided to peel back the layers of his private life, unveiling his Zambian roots. This revelation, shrouded in mystery and curiosity, shed light on the actor’s journey, marked by early struggles with social media and cyber-bullying, factors that undoubtedly contributed to his guarded approach to personal matters.

Delving into the intricacies of Raphael’s personal life, it becomes evident that his reluctance to share stems from genuine struggles. The fear of judgment and negativity, a prevalent issue in the age of social media, has shaped his guarded demeanor. Briefly.co.za has undertaken the task of unraveling the enigma surrounding this beloved South African soapie actor.

Raphael Griffiths’s profile paints a detailed picture of the man behind the characters we adore. Born on January 3, 1992, in Johannesburg, South Africa, under the Capricorn zodiac sign, Griffiths, at the age of 29, proudly identifies as a Zambian-South African with a rich African heritage.

Amidst the tapestry of South African talent, another name that has resonated with viewers is Linda Majola. Renowned for his role as Langa in “The Wife,” Majola portrays a queer character navigating the challenges of a world rife with homophobia.

Beyond the screen, who is Linda Majola? Born in Bonela, Durban, in 1996, Majola, at the age of 27, stands as a proud South African with a diploma in Catering from the Durban University of Technology. His dual identity as an actor and chef adds a unique flavor to his multifaceted persona.

However, the intrigue doesn’t end with Griffiths and Majola. The roots of Raphael Griffiths, always a subject of speculation, have been a point of debate. While Briefly.com states that he was born in Johannesburg in 1992, conflicting claims emerged from iolnews.com. A source from Makhandeni, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, asserted that Griffiths, known to them as Tawanda, grew up in their small township.

The source, claiming to have shared dusty streets and childhood games with Griffiths, revealed more about his mysterious past. Contrary to the name Raphael, they knew him as Tawanda, a revelation that adds layers to the actor’s identity. The source explained, “His grandmother always refers to him as Tawanda,” shedding light on a hidden facet of Griffiths’s life.

In the tapestry of his journey, from dusty Zimbabwean streets to the glitzy world of South African entertainment, Raphael Griffiths, or Tawanda as some may know him, has etched his name as a television presenter and actor. This revelation of his heritage only deepens the intrigue surrounding this multifaceted personality, leaving fans eager to unravel more chapters in his captivating story.

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