‘Muvhango Not Cancelled’: SABC Yet to Renew the Contract

‘Muvhango Not Cancelled’: SABC Yet to Renew the Contract

In recent headlines, the future of SABC 2’s popular drama series “Muvhango” has been the subject of much speculation. Contrary to rumors of its cancellation, the show has not been officially axed. Entertainment blogger Phil Mphela provided an update, confirming that “Muvhango” is still awaiting contract renewal from the public broadcaster.

Season 25 Finale Sparks Speculation

The last episode of “Muvhango” aired on 2 July 2024, leading many to believe the show had ended. The drama series posted on X (formerly Twitter), “End of the Road for Muvhango; thank you for watching all these years,” which left fans wondering if this marked the end of season 25 or the entire series.

Phil Mphela clarified that the production has been shut down due to delays in renewing the contract for the new season. He reassured fans, “Muvhango not cancelled. The SABC2 soapie has not been cancelled, and I can confirm that the show is still in talks with the broadcaster.”

A Developing Situation

Mphela emphasized that while the situation is still unfolding, all signs point to the continuation of “Muvhango.” This is not the first time the series has faced such uncertainties. Despite the current contract renewal being in limbo, Mphela remains optimistic that the show will overcome these setbacks.

A Long-Running Staple of SABC 2

“Muvhango” has been a significant part of South African television since its debut in April 1997. Created by Duma Ndlovu and produced by Word of Mouth, it quickly became one of the most-watched soaps in the country. The show has launched the careers of many stars, including Gabriel Temudzani and Macdonald Ndou.

Despite a decline in viewership over recent years, “Muvhango” remains a beloved series. Initially airing once a week, its popularity soon warranted five episodes a week. The drama has faced its share of controversies but continues to be a significant cultural touchstone.

Future Uncertain but Promising

As of now, neither SABC nor the producers of “Muvhango” have provided further details on the show’s future. The recent season finale of episode 130 of season 25 left fans in suspense, with old episodes currently filling its timeslot.

The ongoing discussions and efforts to renew the contract suggest that “Muvhango” will likely return to continue its legacy. Fans and the industry alike are watching closely, hopeful for a positive outcome that ensures the continuation of this iconic South African drama series.

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