‘All Skomata’s money goes into Moruti wa Dikota’s bank account’: Skomota’s manager exposed for chewing all of Skomata’s money

Unveiling the Allegations: Skomota’s Manager Under Scrutiny for Financial Exploitation

In the ever-evolving saga of viral sensation Skomota and his manager, Moruti wa Dikota, recent revelations have stirred controversy, prompting questions of exploitation versus good management practices. As Mzansi continues to dissect their working relationship, Skhothane sa Pitori, a close associate of Skomota, has stepped forward to shed light on what he perceives as financial discrepancies.

Skomota’s meteoric rise to fame in 2023, fueled by his signature dance moves, catapulted him into the public eye, accompanied by a windfall from betting winnings amounting to a reported R3 million. With this newfound fame came a flurry of bookings, endorsements, and appearances at various events, cementing his status as a sought-after entertainer.

However, amid the glitz and glamour, questions lingered about the destination of Skomota’s earnings.

Reports circulating last year suggested that Skomota was raking in a monthly income of R545,000, a substantial sum by any measure. Additionally, leaked conversations revealed his booking fee to be a hefty R90,000, underscoring his market value in the entertainment industry. Yet, despite these figures, allegations of financial exploitation surfaced, casting a shadow over Moruti wa Dikota’s management practices.

In a candid interview on the LiPO Podcast, Skhothane sa Pitori voiced concerns over Skomota’s financial affairs, alleging that the viral sensation lacked a personal bank account, with all earnings funneling directly to Moruti wa Dikota. These claims, if substantiated, raise serious questions about the equitable distribution of wealth within their professional partnership.

Furthermore, Skhothane sa Pitori disclosed that Skomota had purportedly amassed over R1 million in bookings, yet had not received his fair share of the proceeds. Such revelations paint a troubling picture of financial mismanagement and exploitation within the entertainment industry, prompting calls for accountability and transparency.


These accusations against Moruti wa Dikota are not isolated incidents. Earlier this year, a behind-the-scenes video capturing a heated exchange between the manager and Skomota fueled speculation of exploitation, as Moruti wa Dikota berated the viral sensation for perceived shortcomings during a promotional shoot. Despite the growing scrutiny and public outcry, Moruti wa Dikota has remained silent on the allegations, leaving many unanswered questions.

Amidst the controversy, Skomota continues to capture headlines with his extravagant fashion choices, further fueling curiosity about his financial state. His recent appearance adorned in a R20,000 ensemble, featuring luxury brands such as Karl Lagerfeld and Lacoste, only serves to amplify the disparity between his ostentatious lifestyle and the allegations of financial exploitation swirling around him.

As Mzansi grapples with these revelations, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on Skomota and Moruti wa Dikota, underscoring the need for accountability, fair treatment, and ethical management practices within the entertainment industry. Only time will tell how this unfolding saga will ultimately be resolved, but one thing remains clear: the pursuit of truth and justice must prevail.

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