Shebeshxt was warned by this woman in January 2024 but he ignored. See what the woman said

A video from January 2024 has resurfaced, showing a woman warning South African rapper Shebeshxt about potential dangers. In the video, she detailed her concerns for the young man’s safety.

About a minute into the video, the woman stated that Shebeshxt should not be driving himself from gig to gig due to the dangers involved. She emphasized that his crew members should ensure his protection, even when he is performing on stage. She insisted that, regardless of Shebeshxt’s preferences, he should have protection everywhere he goes.

This video has led many people to believe that the woman may have foreseen the terrible car accident Shebeshxt suffered a few days ago, which resulted in the loss of his daughter and his right leg. Commenters on the video have expressed their belief that this woman might have the ability to see the future.

The resurfacing of this video has sparked discussions about the importance of security measures for public figures, especially those in the entertainment industry. Shebeshxt’s tragic accident has highlighted the need for better protection and awareness of potential threats.

As the debate continues, the incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the potential dangers that public figures face. Fans and followers of Shebeshxt are now calling for increased safety measures for the rapper and other celebrities, hoping to prevent similar tragedies in the future. The video has not only raised questions about premonitions and fate but also about the steps that can be taken to protect those in the public eye.

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