Two man fingered in AKA’s murder afraid of their lives. See who want to kill them here

Two of the seven suspects arrested in connection with the murder of AKA and Tibz appeared before the Manzini Magistrate’s Court in Eswatini on 5 March.

The Manzini Magistrate’s Court postponed Malusi and Siyabonga Ndimande’s case to 12 March.

The two suspects were arrested in late February in Mbabane, Eswatini, in connection with the murder of AKA and Tibz. The two appeared before the courts only a few days after their week.

However, during their first court appearance, their lawyer made it known that there were safety concerns. The lawyer told the court that his clients were concerned about their safety.

The safety concerns reports come a few days after the media revealed that the two AKA’s murder suspects asked to be sent back to South Africa. Media reports have also established that South Africa has filed its extradition application for the Ndimande brothers in Eswatini.

Last week, media reports in South Africa confirmed that their extradition process was progressing. AKA’s murder suspects’ safety concerns undoubtedly left many convinced that the mastermind was still out there and powerful.

Against the news, X users flooded social media with their two cents. One user commented, “This just shows that the mastermind is still out there…”

Confirmed reports have it that the AKA’s murder suspects received their money hours before the hit. Media reports in Eswatini have claimed that there is transactional evidence. However, the police have not disclosed the account that transferred the money.

The coordinator, the ‘master of everything,’ assembled the team and paid all the suspects. However, the media has since connected the dots about how two suspects spent their money in Eswatini.

Local policing officers in Mbabane said the two AKA’s murder suspects hosted parties and drank expensive bottles.

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