Former ‘Muvhango’ star says her husband impregnated his mistress

Former Muvhango Star Milicent Makhado Opens Up About Marriage Struggles

Milicent Makhado, renowned for her memorable portrayal of Agness on the popular SABC 2 telenovela Muvhango, recently shared a heartfelt revelation on her Instagram account, shedding light on the challenges she’s faced in her marriage.

In a series of candid posts on social media, the beloved actress disclosed that her husband had been unfaithful, a revelation that shook her and her followers. Not only had he strayed from their marital vows, but he had also fathered a child with another woman, a revelation that left Milicent devastated, especially as she had been hopeful of expanding their family.

Expressing her pain and disappointment, Milicent wrote, “I know you guys were praying for me to have more kids, some even thought I will have twins, but God refused. Unfortunately, a beautiful baby boy was conceived behind my marriage back, turning 1 in April. I found out yesterday.”

In a surprising turn of events, Milicent extended empathy towards her husband’s mistress, acknowledging her need for love and support during such challenging times. “God knew I will need a shoulder to cry on today. He made sure I was not alone, today was the worst day of my life. I don’t know what would have happened if I was alone,” she expressed, highlighting the emotional turmoil she was going through.

Milicent Makhado’s Journey Through Marriage

Milicent Makhado’s marital struggles have not been confined to her recent revelation. According to reports from Briefly, the actress had previously been married, with her first child conceived during this union. Unfortunately, the marriage ended due to reported instances of abuse, prompting Milicent to make the difficult decision to leave.

Reflecting on the challenges she faced in her first marriage, Milicent bravely opened up about the darker aspects of her past relationship in January 2021 through her YouTube channel. Despite the hardships she endured, including feelings of being brainwashed and societal pressure to avoid divorce, Milicent found the strength to share her story, inspiring others who may be facing similar struggles in their own relationships.

Through her honesty and vulnerability, Milicent Makhado continues to navigate the complexities of love, marriage, and personal growth, proving herself to be not only a talented actress but also a resilient individual determined to overcome life’s obstacles.

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