The Truth: This is why Sophie Ndaba marriages have failed

Sophie Ndaba on Getting Married Again Despite Failed Marriages

Former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba is not giving up on love despite the setbacks in her past marriages. Sophie, who has been married three times—to Themba Ndaba (1996-2007), Bishop Keith Harrington (2011-2013), and Max Lichaba (2017-2021)—is open to the idea of getting married once more if she finds the right partner.

A Tumultuous Journey

Sophie’s divorce from Max Lichaba was particularly dramatic. During the separation, her son Lwandle, also known as Ocean L, released a hip-hop diss track titled “My Step Dad Is A Devil” to expose Max’s alleged wrongdoings. In the song, Lwandle criticizes his stepfather with lines such as, “You all deserve to know the truth about this man. My stepfather is a devil, he takes, and he breaks.”

Remaining Hopeful

Despite the pain from her past relationships, Sophie remains hopeful and believes in the beauty of love. In an interview with Fakaza News, she shared, “I would definitely be getting married again if I meet the right person. Love is a beautiful thing, I love the feeling of being in love. I have been hurt in the past and that was a different phase of my life. I won’t let that experience change the way I feel about love.”

She echoed this sentiment on Instagram, posting, “Love, music to my ears. Happy new week filled with nothing but love, Angels. Remember you are enough! You carry so much love, darling, share some with yourself.”

Looking Forward

Sophie’s resilience and positive outlook on love inspire many. She remains a beloved figure in South African entertainment, not just for her acting talent but also for her unyielding belief in love despite the challenges she has faced.

Fans and followers continue to support Sophie as she navigates this new chapter in her life, hoping that she will find the happiness and love she so deeply believes in.

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