#RIP Gogo, Condolences pour in to Boity

In a heartfelt tribute shared on Instagram, Boity, the renowned rapper and media personality, expressed her deep sorrow over the passing of her beloved grandmother, whom she affectionately referred to as “Angel Lelo.” With poignant words, Boity honored the memory of her grandmother, reflecting on the profound impact she had on her life.

In her emotional tribute, Boity conveyed her gratitude to her grandmother for embodying qualities of love, compassion, kindness, and selflessness. She reminisced about the countless cherished moments they shared together, painting a vivid picture of the bond they had forged over the years.

With a heavy heart, Boity bid farewell to her grandmother, acknowledging that she has now embarked on a new journey among the angels in Heaven. She expressed her hope for a beautiful reunion in the afterlife, where her grandmother would be reunited with her husband, sister, and mother.

As she concluded her tribute, Boity conveyed her deep love and admiration for her grandmother, emphasizing that her presence in her life was truly irreplaceable. With a promise of a future reunion, Boity bid her grandmother farewell, signing off with the endearing title, “Rest, my Queen.”

Boity’s touching tribute serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring love and cherished memories shared between family members, even in the face of loss. It is a testament to the profound impact that her grandmother had on her life, and a celebration of the beautiful legacy she leaves behind.

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