Is Zodwa Wabantu dying?

Zodwa Wabantu Speaks Out on Social Media: “Poor People Think They Are Clever”

Exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu has taken to her social media to express her frustration with people taking advantage of her generosity. In a candid post, she shared: “Poor people think they are clever.”

Addressing the publication, Zodwa elaborated on her feelings, stating: “People mustn’t interpret my post negatively, it’s just that abantu bayakhathaza (people are tiring), especially when they know you have a good heart and you are willing to assist where you can.”

Zodwa explained that she is tired of being exploited by those who take her kindness for granted. “I give back because someone also played a role for me to be placed where I’m at in life, and I’m not a bad or difficult person to deal with. It is just that some poor people, once they know you are there for them, they tend to take advantage, and that’s not what I’m up for,” she said.

As a mother and sister with her own responsibilities, Zodwa emphasized that she cannot support those who are ungrateful and continuously demand more from her. “I am a mother and sister and I have responsibilities like anyone else. Helping a person who is ungrateful and keeps coming back to squeeze the kindness out of you isn’t okay,” she added.

Zodwa also mentioned that her social media post was intended to resonate with others who have experienced similar situations. “Most people know and have experienced what I’m talking about. They just choose to attack me and label me arrogant,” she concluded.

Zodwa’s heartfelt message highlights the challenges of balancing generosity with personal boundaries, and she hopes to shed light on the issue for others who may feel the same way.

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