Who is the father? Somizi Mhlongo’s pregnancy news shocked Mzansi

South African media personality and Idols judge Somizi Mhlongo has caused a stir on social media by playfully flaunting what appeared to be a baby bump, showcasing his renowned sense of humor.

In an Instagram post, Somizi shared a photo of himself cradling the pretend baby bump. This lighthearted image left Mzansi speculating about his pregnancy status.

In the caption, Somizi tagged his friends Kelly Khumalo and Dj Lamiez Holworthy and humorously suggested they should form a club. He wrote, “@lamiez_holworthy @Kellykhumaloza let’s start a club.”

Somizi’s Instagram post had his followers in stitches, with many finding it hilarious. They couldn’t help but wonder who the pretend baby’s daddy might be.

@mihlalii.n: iMama’s 🤣🤣🤣💗💗💗

@emiliajerem30: @Kellykhumaloza please be the band leader because whuuuuuu shem, som som here haah ah man 😂😂😂

@ndako1208: Sicela ukubona baby daddy before the band is formed som som😂😂😂

@mari_aa5974: First man in SA to have a baby in the stomach. And make a challenge with lamiez😂

This isn’t the first time Somizi has sparked pregnancy rumors. In October, he previously set social media abuzz by posting a video of himself appearing pregnant, wearing an oversized orange t-shirt that made his “baby bump” visible while on a call with his supposed “baby daddy.”

Apple’s iPhone 15 Series: Addressing Concerns of Overheating, Shutdowns, and Screen Burn-In

The release of Apple’s iPhone 15 series has undoubtedly created a buzz in the tech world. However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the tech giant, as reports of overheating, sudden shutdowns, and screen burn-in issues have started to circulate. This article delves into the latest concerns surrounding the iPhone 15 series and how users can potentially address the screen burn-in problem.

Overheating Issues: A Cause for Concern

One of the concerns that have cropped up with the iPhone 15 series is the problem of overheating. Users have reported that their devices tend to get uncomfortably hot during prolonged usage. Overheating not only affects user comfort but can also lead to performance issues and, in extreme cases, hardware damage. Apple has yet to issue an official statement on this matter, but it is a concern that has been noticed and discussed among the user community.

Unexpected Shutdowns Attributed to iOS 17 Update

Another issue that has been causing frustration for iPhone 15 users is the unexpected shutdowns of their devices. This problem is believed to be linked to a bug stemming from the iOS 17 update. These random shutdowns disrupt the user experience and can be particularly frustrating when the device powers down unexpectedly, leading to potential data loss and inconveniences. Apple is expected to address this issue in future updates.

Screen Burn-In Problems with iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

Adding to these concerns is the emergence of screen burn-in issues on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. Screen burn-in is a phenomenon where images or elements displayed on the screen for prolonged periods leave a ghostly or persistent impression. This issue can mar the visual experience and is something Apple users expect to be free from on their premium devices.

The report suggests that prominent tech enthusiast and tipster Tarun Vats, known as @tarunvats33 on Twitter, shared images illustrating the screen burn issues on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Mr. Vats commented, “Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max is reportedly experiencing screen burn-in issues, contributing to the company’s increasing list of challenges this year.”

Additionally, a PiunikaWeb report highlighted that both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models are grappling with screen burn-in problems alongside concerns about overheating and fast battery drainage.

It’s important to note that Apple has not issued an official statement regarding the reported screen burn-in issues in the iPhone 15 Pro series, leaving users and enthusiasts eagerly awaiting a response.

Addressing Screen Burn-In Problems

For users who may be facing screen burn-in problems or wish to prevent them, there are steps that can be taken. The report suggests a few strategies to mitigate screen burn-in:

  • Use a Screen Saver: Regular use of a screen saver can help refresh the pixels on your device’s screen. This prevents them from displaying the same static images or text for extended periods, which can contribute to screen burn-in.
  • Adjust Display Settings: To prevent screen burn-in, navigate to the Apple menu, select System Preferences, and click on Desktop and Screensaver. Access the Screen Saver tab and choose your preferred screen saver. Adjust the “Start after” menu to set a time interval shorter than your display sleep and computer sleep settings in the Energy Saver preferences found in System Preferences.
  • Run the Screen Saver: It’s advisable to ensure that the screen saver runs for a duration similar to the initial time the image was displayed. This will help efficiently remove any persistent images and reduce the risk of screen burn-in.

In conclusion, while Apple’s iPhone 15 series has generated significant interest, it has also encountered its share of challenges, including overheating, unexpected shutdowns, and screen burn-in issues. It remains to be seen how Apple will address these concerns, but for users facing screen burn-in problems, the strategies mentioned here can help minimize the impact and maintain the quality of their device’s display.

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