Environmental Consultant vacancy in IFC Washington DC – Apply Now

Environmental Consultant vacancy in IFC Washington DC – Apply Now

IFC – International Finance Corporation is on the lookout for an experienced and dedicated Senior Environmental Risk Management Consultant to join its dynamic team in Washington, D.C.

This role presents a unique opportunity for environmental experts to contribute to sustainable development initiatives.

If you are passionate about environmental risk management and aspire to make a positive impact globally, seize this chance to shape sustainable futures with IFC.

Environmental Consultant vacancy in IFC Washington DC – Apply Now

Apply by January 4, 2024

Policy and Standards

  • CES maintains and updates IFC’s sustainability policies, standards, and procedures as a world-class resource for IFC clients and external networks.

 Risk Management

  • CES ensures that IFC has appropriate systems, procedures and capacity in place to deliver on E&S risk management. CES adds value to the management of E&S risks, reviewing E&S aspects .

  • classification of all projects at origination and providing oversight, guidance, and support for high-risk projects in the pipeline, as well as for high-risk and non-performing projects in IFC’s investment portfolio.

Stakeholder Grievance Response

  • CES facilitates and improves IFC’s ability to resolve stakeholder complaints quickly and effectively, and address both CAO and non-CAO complaints.

Policy, Knowledge, and Learning

  • CES fosters the E&S community of practice, transforms lessons learned into guidance, E&S risk management tools and systems, learning, certification of E&S staff and knowledge products that enhance IFC’s E&S performance.

Duties and Accountabilities

The selected candidate will work as part of a seasoned team, guided by Lead Regional Risk Officers as well as by Associates and Analysts reporting to the CESRM manager to support the following:

  •  New Business:

  • Support CES’s risk function on new business by reviewing investment team E&S diligence and undertaking independent due diligence of IFC’s proposed investments in high E&S risk direct investment projects (e.g., in the mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, agribusiness, health, education and tourism, retail and property sectors) and/or high E&S risk investments through financial intermediaries (e.g., banks, private equity, and capital markets investors).

  • It is expected to conduct reviews of project concept documents, including E&S category, scope of proposed E&S diligence, E&S requirements, contextual risk, etc. and reviewing each processing stage of high E&S risk transactions, identifying E&S risks and any gaps in proposed E&S risk management approaches as well as advising on structuring, appropriate mitigation measures and opining on risk and mitigants as proposed by teams in project disclosure documents.

  •  Portfolio: 

  • Support CES’s risk function of portfolio monitoring by reviewing client reporting, investment agreements, investment team E&S monitoring reports (and supporting documentation) and performing independent analysis of IFC’s portfolio.

  • Contribute to coordinating with CEG staff, review proposed corrective action plans and follow up on associated commitments as relevant. The ETC will conduct region specific portfolio reviews and analysis to identify and assess risks and trends and quality assurance.

  •  External Review commitments

  • IFC’s implementation of management commitments in relation to the Board Review of IFC’s E&S Accountability, including CAO, in coordination with other CES and CEG functions.

Selection Criteria

  •  Graduate or post-graduate degree in relevant discipline (e.g., environmental management, environmental sciences, environmental engineering, or other related discipline) as well as proven experience in one or more areas of environmental risk management.

  •  Minimum of 12 years’ work experience, including applied private sector experience in E&S risk management and/or associated with the assessment and management of environmental and/or social impacts in a consultancy, industrial or commercial role and with other relevant experience in consideration to the specific areas of accountability described above.

  •  A good understanding and proven experience of IFC Sustainability Framework and Performance Standards are required. Familiarity with IFC/World Bank operations, procedures, and culture will be advantageous.

  •  Drafting, Research and Communication: Ability to synthesize and analyze diverse E&S related information; ability to analyze data for trends and craft clear and concise points or messages, as well as communicate complex E&S issues in a manner that can be understood by non-experts.

produce a range of supporting graphics to illustrate.

  •  Independence: Carries out work with due care, preparing accurate documents and reports, ensuring that pertinent facts are fairly presented.

  • Interprets information in an objective manner.

  • Does not divulge confidential information.

  •  Strong analytical skills, ability to think strategically, analyze and synthesize diverse information sources, and draw conclusions from sometimes limited data.

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