Skeem Saam actress Sthoko escapes death

In a dramatic turn of events on Skeem Saam, viewers witnessed Sthoko’s awakening after days of unconsciousness following her collapse during class. Admitted to Turf Hospital, her mysterious condition left her face swollen before she lost consciousness.

Upon regaining consciousness, Sthoko revealed that she had been poisoned, a suspicion shared by the doctors. Meanwhile, her devoted partner, Sergeant Babeile, tirelessly searched for answers at the police station, determined to uncover the culprit behind the poisoning. Shockingly, the poison was traced back to the makeup he had lovingly purchased for Sthoko, unbeknownst to him of its toxicity.

The revelation led to a tense confrontation, with Sthoko’s mother, MaNtuli, accusing Babeile of attempting to harm her daughter. Despite his innocence in the matter, Babeile found himself in a precarious situation, caught in the crossfire of suspicion and distrust. MaNtuli’s protective instincts may have led her to exaggerate the situation, as she’s known to be quite dramatic at times.

Amidst the turmoil, fans of the show hold onto hope for Sthoko and Babeile’s relationship, recognizing the love and connection they share despite the challenges they face.

Meanwhile, in Gauteng, Lehasa uncovered a treacherous plot against him orchestrated by his ex-wife, Khwezi, and his supposed friend, Nkosi. Shockingly, Khwezi’s intentions to harm Lehasa were unveiled, setting the stage for a high-stakes conflict.

On the flip side, Khwezi discovered that her divorce lawyer was collaborating with Pretty, Lehasa’s girlfriend, signaling the beginning of a fierce battle. With tensions escalating on both fronts, viewers brace themselves for the unfolding drama as alliances shift and secrets unravel in the quest for vengeance and justice.

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